Saturday, December 18, 2010

Biopolymath Safi Balqis Perfect 10 giveaway result

After a week, I received two entries for my Safi Balqis Perfect 10 giveaway. Here to declare the winner:

Anne Repeater

This is her entry:

For a muslim girl, halal is very important. even for a skincare product i want a halal skincare product. as you all know, we muslim perform our solat everyday. and for me i usually put on my toner after bath and then solat. so the thing is... i used this brand named ...... (sorry i cant mention here) and its halal made from somwhere. then i google and i found Safi Balqis Perfect 10.

this product is HALAL approved by JAKIM. so i no longer hesitate it Halalan Toyyiban. i can wear it after my bath and toner up my face and then i can go to solat without any 'was-was' feeling.

so i am looking forward to buy this. and then i found out you have goodies bag to give away and thinking why don't i try to enter this contest, just by leaving a comment here.

At the same time, I feel that another entry, posted here, deserves a mention.

Anne, you have been declared the winner of my Safi Balqis Perfect 10 giveaway. Please forward your full name, IC number, postal address and telephone number to boonkheng89 [a]

Finally, I'd like to thank all for participating & promoting this giveaway!

The winner is picked by True Random Number Generator on

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  1. omg!! i am glad as this is my first time winning give away. thanks. i have sent you my details. :)