Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hindsight to the Alviss Kong tragedy

What an incident that send shockwaves among my social circle, the Second Law of Thermodynamics says entropy always increase, his body is now in equilibrium with our surroundings - doctors in the ICU has tried ways and means but no avail to restore it to steady state ie. he's now dead. If I were to save him by time travelling, Mother Nature says a big NO. (If it's permitted, I'd have met people from the future!)

At first, this began with a Tweet from @weiiiiii posting a link to a Facebook Note containing his last words, from there I hopped on and came to the conclusion of the sheer smallness of social world.

Of all men and women walking on the face of Earth right now, who doesn't face hardship? Who hasn't come across failure and rejection? Celebrities living in glamour are still not spared from matters of romantic relationship even breakups, what more an ordinary person like you and me?!

Or maybe about a ruin reputation. Even Paul the Apostle to the Gentiles was not spared from people remembering him as a murderer and presecutor of Christ's followers. Yeap, I say even AFTER the encounter with Jesus Christ on his way to Damascus. What can he do is nothing to change how people think of him. History is history, nobody can change it and I can't lie to you about it. Looking at him from the other angle, Paul was instrumental in bringing more people to Christ!

Reading between the lines, I'm talking about someone (whose name is not convenient to be mentioned). You can go ahead and warn others to be wary of him, but can you do it in a way that spares him a future?

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