Monday, December 6, 2010

Off to Raub and back

Was off to Raub to visit my second aunt. Currently she owns the only bookshop in town that retails reference books to students.

She suffered from a fall about two months ago, but it doesn't seem to affect her much. She can still walk and remains enthusiastic for life.

Melbourne Central Shopping Centre side

What I like about her is that she has the heart of giving. Years ago, when I was in secondary school, she gave some secondary school reference books to me. I can still remember the title of the books are Eksplorasi Sains and Eksplorasi Matematik, those times the subjects of mathematics and science were taught in Malay.

Her only regret is that she didn't have much opportunity to receive education. Those times were not the same as today. Girls were often neglected and discriminated even in families. Knowing her position, she was willing to sacrifice her own gain for education and interceded with my grandfather to school my father.

Those times, things were sad. Financial position during those times did not permit schooling all of my family's children. Education for girls was even scorned by elderly members of my family. My grandfather was unwilling to school my father. It was these words from my aunt's mouth that changed his mind:

"If you're unwilling, I'll earn money through rubber tapping to provide for my brother's education."

Education was not free until the policy of free education for all citizens was legislated.

Had she received sufficient education, her position would have changed by now. Compared with the standard today of ubiquitous degree holders, I'm living in a better time, but am I really better off? As a person of my generation, I do not have the bragging right.

"Study all you can for now, and favour shall come upon you," those words touched my heart. There's no free lunch in the world, to lead a better life, you'd still have to pay.

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