Friday, December 10, 2010

PlanetUNI Stress Buster Carnival at South Lawn

Feeling the pressure and stress due to end of semester exams? Fear not, PlanetUNI (the university ministry of Planetshakers) is here to beat your exam stress!

photos taken with my Nokia N97

We rocked the South Lawn in The University of Melbourne by providing games to de-stress yourself before your exams. Food were there to satisfy your tastebuds if you prefer to de-stress by nomming on the delicious.

roller coaster ball

The ball really looked like a viral particle. It's the roller coaster ball!

I was asked to enter the ball and wear the harness inside. Before I was even ready, they started rolling the ball I was like What the hell?! What a fun ride for being thrown into awkward orientations! Liked it a lot.

Then I played wrestling. I picked a chubby guy to fight with me on the arena. The game objective was to knock the opponent out of the central podium. Guess what? I triumph over the *fat* guy! That was a simple fight.

Those with fighting spirit found that the inflated podium wasn't enough for them, so they changed the objective to knocking oppoenent out of the arena instead! Epic lol!

Who's pulling you? I am stronger than you!

If you fancy sumo wrestling, this is for you! I am so power to beat you down right? :P

Let's not forget to look around for church hotties ok?




#4 - If you want hot ang mohs go find Aussies!

Wish everybody luck in their exams ya!


  1. wow ur nokia camera is also very clear ^^

  2. Agree! I use my phone when my compact camera died.