Friday, April 30, 2010

It's Boon Kheng Day!

28th of April was what?! It's my day!

My first birthday wish on Facebook by Amelia Foo!

And then, wishes started pouring in like rain!

In the midnight, my roomate and friends gave me a nice surprise.

What a nice move, I stepped out of my room before the day ended, the next thing was a birthday surprise! I like the cake (nice chocolaty taste!), what's more I didn't notice the cake was in the refrigerator earlier that day!

What I did on my day? First, I had a biochemistry test. Then, I headed to Union House to listen to policy speeches by international student council candidates and voted for office bearers on the same day.

Had another celebration with my cell group on 30th April.

Thanks for all the wishes!

This creative wish is worth mentioning:

Terrence Tan Wing Hong: have a BuffDay par Excellence Boon Kheng!

Last but not least, I thank you God for speaking me into existence.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

I love my N97

I was in need of a friendlier user interface for my active online life. News on new user interface and operating systems were the trend in third quarter of 2009 - be it Google Android or Symbian s60v5. I felt a touchscreen phone was a cool idea after all - considering my peers were having Apple iPhones.

I decided to try something different so I went for Nokia N97. I like the full touchscreen interface with the convenience of a slide out keyboard when I need it.

Nokia N97

To buy that, I travelled to the fringe of metropolitan Melbourne to avoid the cut throat price in CBD.

Flipping out the keyboard you'll find specification of N97 in a nutshell:
  • 32 GB memory
  • AF 5MP Carl Zeiss camera
  • nHD 3.5"
  • A-GPS
  • Bluetooth 2.0
  • WLAN
  • 3G HSDPA
  • USB 2.0
  • FM Radio

navigation keys on Nokia N97

My phone wouldn't work without a plan! After some researching I match it with Boost Prepaid $25 SMS plan (2 months validity) with 200MB data ($10, 30 days validity) on top of it. So it's a smart choice! Combining to cost it's even cheaper than browsing on my Vodafone prepaid plan.

I use my N97 primarily as a social network device. Big names like Facebook and Twitter are integral part of the N97 experience.

keyboard N97

The phone is with me for 8 months now. What have I installed in my N97?
  1. Gravity
    Simply the best Twitter clients for Symbian phones. I use this to tweet and foursquare!
  2. Accuweather
    I use this to check the weather and read the temperature. Since my room is insulated, I check the temperature in the morning to decide on my clothing before I go out.
  3. Opera Mini
    A must have web browser for mobile phones! I use it to search the web when I need to know a fact.
  4. Google Maps
    To find my way when I'm in unfamiliar locations.
  5. Wikitude
    This augmented reality software is super cool! Integrating the phone camera and GPS, I can determine location of major landmarks. But I always got mistaken for attempting to take candids of people while using this.
  6. Palringo
    I can MSN and Facebook message people with this. But I rarely open this app, only when the need comes.
  7. Elements
    This is a periodic table for chemistry. Whenever I need values like atomic mass of an element, this comes in handy, especially during chemistry practical sessions.

There's something much to be desired. Audio quality is not very good but since I'm not calling from this phone, it's not much of a concern for me. Touchscreen can be scratched even with the provided stylus! Opening the back cover wasn't user friendly either - a little roughness will break the back cover!

It feels like the whole world in your palm :)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frankie's Farewell: More Photos

More photos from Frankie Heng's farewell on 23 April 2010.

trili ho and desmond chuah
The couple Trili Ho and Desmond Chuah.

frisbee bread
Go and play with roti prahta as frisbee!

Yee Hooi & Ching Chung took this with my cam out of playfulness.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fotoholics Otways Trip 2010 Day 2

I was up for sunrise photography but it ended up a disappointment wtf because the sun was hiding. So I went back to sleep in my room.

Destination #1, Otway Fly.

Moist forest encourages growth of fungi.

Otway Fly is the highest treetop walk in the world! Walkways are made of steel, featuring a 45 m spiral staircase tower and a cantilever beside it. I felt like coming back home, the forest resemble national parks in my beloved Malaysia. Found out that I was in a temperate rainforest.

otway fly spiral staircase tower
Come up to challenge the height! Feeling like being at the top of the world.

The shaky cantilever was scary. But rest assured the structure is stable and can hold more than 1 elephant.

After that, cruised along Great Ocean Road to Lorne. View along the scenic drive was simply breathtaking. Southwards is the sea, northward is the Otway Ranges, in other words I was in a mountaneous coast with many small creeks draining into the sea.

After lunch at Lorne, our destination #2 was Erskine Falls.

Erskine Fall otway

To reach the waterfall require 10 min of trekking, a relatively short walk downhill. Going near the waterfall was like drawing near to the Presence of God. The chilly air after a rain was well suited to this temperate rainforest setting, I like that!

After this adventurous trip, life went back to routine again. More photos in my Facebook album.

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Monday, April 26, 2010

ANZAC Day Megamix @ Roxanne Parlour

On invitation from Chinese Musical Group (CMG) of University of Melbourne, I went for this clubbing event featuring Lapsap from Zouk, DJ Buddah & McCalo of Bangkok Invaders & DJ Noodles from Taiwan.

DJ Noodles

DJ Noodles is the #1 female DJ from Taiwan! Didn't know she's a woman until I heard her voice after her session, on the dance floor. She was 2006 DMC Taiwan Champion and ranked 13th at DMC World Champion at London. Woots!

DJ Buddah

We also had DJ Buddah from Thailand! Don't you think he looks like a Buddha? You can even call him the Nightclub Buddha. :D

Lapsap of Zouk, KL was at the other room. I experienced a little of them.

The music was so good with these prominent international DJs but there was a setback. The dance floor became so hot. I wanna make an escape at the [open air] smoking room but it was freaking crowded.

During the event, I had an encounter with prominent blogger . I was practically deaf in the sea of music wtf so I had to use my phone to "talk" for me. A favour was on me!

Took a mix tape home! Thanks Bangkok Invaders for that.

Bioflashback: Me singing in Cheer 2009

While waiting for the much anticipated results for Cheer 2009, I was up for a casual, voluntary performance of singing.

Chosen the wrong song, and I was struggling with the key. LOL.

Photo courtesy of .

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The MAD debate

Yesterday I attended MASCA Annual Debate also known as the MAD debate held in Architechure Building, The University of Melbourne.

NEP fail to make Malaysia progress?
Motion of the debate about NEP!

Has the New Economic Policy implemented in Malaysia for 40 years failed to make Malaysia progress? The organiser actually did a pre voting to gauge opinion of the people.

With Susan my junior.


Gajan the die hard fan of Malaysian club event.

After the debate I went to Chili Padi @ Melb Central for dinner with the organiser.

With Siew Lynn after the dinner. What an intimate pose!

NEP was the best option to alleviate social problems of Malaysia in the early 1970s, considering the political and social landscape in Malaysia at that point of time. Though Malaysia experienced growth in the early days of NEP implementation, Malaysia stagnated economically later because of the insentivity towards changing needs as time changes.

I'm glad to have this conducive environment to engage thoughts with fellow Malaysians. The debate was an immense success, as post-debate polls shows it, more people have their opinion towards the NEP. Thanks to MASCA Victoria for organising!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Frankie's Farewell

Frankie Heng is going back to Malaysia so my UL♥28 gang threw a party for him!

With my *darling* Frankie.

Photo time!

UL 28 girls at Frankie farewell
The girls!

UL 28 guys at Frankie farewell
The guys of my cell group.

The party ended with sharing session with the celebrated Frankie and prayer. May God bless and guide him throughout his journey! Next time, lets go to Ps Frankie Heng's church OK? =)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Urbs lunch @ Dessert House

It's UL♥28 lunch after church service on 18 April 2010.

Our destination was Dessert House on Swanston Street. The restaurnt serves Asian dishes.

Poser Biopolymath say grace
Must say grace before you eat can?!

"Heavenly Father, I thank you Lord for providing the food Lord. As we commit our fellowship in Your hands Lord, I pray that You bless our time together, bless the hands that prepare the food and let us grow in our time together in faith and fellowship. Everybody shall say..... AMEN!"

dessert house XO fried rice
My XO seafood friend rice.

dessert house egg fried rice
Egg on fried rice.

Chicken & chips!

Fish fried rice?

Dessert House
313, Swanston Street (opposite QV)
Melbourne CBD,
Victoria 3000
Tel: +613 9663 2284

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Amazing Thai Pantene commercial

The story of a deaf and mute girl who learns to play the violin against all odds.

“Yes, it’s about violins and being different and overcoming obstacles. But her beautiful silky hair was definitely a beyond-subliminal message! The hair and the waving wheat (which had nothing to do with violins or being deaf) was a pretty strong visual image.” -susanlily18

Really agree with the comment above, but I'd like to add to hers as well. The sight of a pupa turning into a butterfly is an obvious visual cue. Have you noticed the girl was walking on a field of weeds? The field of weeds transforming into a field of wheats signifies a great miracle! The commercial is also about a life changing NOW! moment to shine.

Oh, I'm reminded of the Parable of the weeds and wheats.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

CMG chalking: the people

Thanks to all who devoted their time to chalking on 19/04/2010!

at Swanston Street, Melbourne
We posed in front of Asia Institute (not shown) and a major tram stop in town.

Kien Loong, Tse Han, Cara
The morning sun shining down on us in the refreshing morning.

President Tse Han's naughty! Love his pose.

Be sure to check out upcoming events in CMG blog if you haven't already.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fotoholics Otways Trip 2010 Day 1

Fotohoics trip for Semester 1 of 2010 was right after Planetshakers Conference, so after getting myself hyper that night, I stayed up all morning in excitement to the Otways and Great Ocean Road.

Met up at Law Building of Melbourne University to start the trip, was assigned a car afterward. The consequence of skipping sleep was having to replace it during my journey, when I was crusing along Princes Freeway at the west side of Port Philip Bay.

Our first stop, a berry farm in Colac, Victoria.

berry farm
The berry farm is filled with abundance of raspberries, strawberries, pears and apples. I had the natural freshness of fruits in my mouth, moreover most fruit varities found in the farm are not available in the market.

apple in hand
This round apple is really mouthwatering at first sight!

After that, went through a long and winding journey to Twelve Apostles, a must see attraction along Great Ocean Road.

sunset at twelve apostles
Basking in the evening sun.

Twelve Apostles refer to the rock formations in the sea, facing the Southern Ocean. Due to erosion, there are only eight "apostles" left.

Stayed overnight at Port Campbell to recharge for Day 2.

group shot

Trivia: The route number for Great Ocean Road is B100.

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Monday, April 19, 2010

CMG chalking

Woke up early in the morning to perform chalking around the campus for Chinese Musical Group!

Met up with YiLee in the morning for briefing. My classes start at 10 am so that means 2 hours for that!

We chalked for casting & musicians audition for our new production and 2010 International Chinese New Talent Singing Championship organised by TVB Asia.

colourful chalks
What a satiating bucket of chalks!

I love CMG!
I put my heart and soul into the work.

Our grand masterpiece!

Group shots coming later!

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Sunday, April 18, 2010


Feeling stirred after looking at Jason Goh (smashpop)'s tweet on tips for new twitterers. He suggested downloading , a desktop application for twitter.

The application make use of Adobe AIR to install. It's straightfoward, and I got up and running in a few minutes.

As the first impression of the user interface, the wide window bewildered me, telling me the vastness of the world.

By default, four columns for your twitter account are displayed. What I really like is the TweetDeck recommends column. Based on your following pattern, TweetDeck generates a list of suggestions for you.

TweetDeck also features adding a list as your column - so you can choose what to focus on your few minutes worth of attention without scrolling through a mess of your friends' timeline.

What are the other cool features? Point your mouse to an avatar and you can perform a myriad of actions including replying, retweeting and direct message.

Besides Twitter, TweetDeck also works with Facebook, Myspace and LinkedIn.

TweetDeck also features a notification pop up whenever a new entry is posted. Following 100+ people is really making me feeling a fast paced world.

If you're a multitasker, TweetDeck also features a single column view. Click on the rectangles at the bottom to toggle between columns.

To say it all, TweetDeck is the coolest desktop app for Twitter! But as TweetDeck runs on Adobe AIR, make sure you download Adobe AIR from before you do.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Planetshakers Conference 20TEN Day 4

It's the fourth and final day of Planetshakers 20TEN Conference!

For today, I woke up early, took a train to Jolimont station to breathe the freshness of Yarra Park before conference.

Hisense Arena
Looking forward for it inside!

footbridge to MCG
The footbridge to MCG, crossing railway lines.

Melbourne Rectangular Stadium AAMI Park
Upon completion, this stadium will be commercially named AAMI Park.

Another co-located event at Rod Laver Arena (next door) was Lady Gaga's concert. But I'm not going GaGa. I want your bad romance.

The session started with Samantha Evans on "taking up the Cross". She said, The Holy Spirit wants more of me, just as I want more of Jesus. He wants more of my time, energy, commitment, attention, and whatsoever you name them. Her take home message was working to live in the Spirit.

Next was electives for adults. I went for leadership stream. I know my father wants me to develop in leadership. And I feel the need for it now. On leadership, the speaker's preached on being confident, strength and courage and child-like (not childish!) faith.

In the evening, I seized the moment when the sun was behind Eureka Tower for this shot:

Eureka Tower sunset

And had fun before the final session

John Wee and me
John Wee my best buddy in Shakers!

Ariel in XXXXXXL sized shirt
Ariel in Reggie Dabbs sized T-shirt.

siamese twins?!
And see how huge this shirt is.

The anticipated finale was Bishop TD Jakes! He was talking about being yourself. God's way of being yourself isn't just at the face value. He knows our inner self, and He wants us to present our inner (and secret) self to Him. He wants us to worship with our inner self, not ourselves from the outside. The fire of the Spirit came upon all participants, and I was set free from having unrealistic expectations of myself.

Jakes also challenged us to read and pray according to the verse
Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, favour with God and men.
for 52 days!

Praised God to sum up the conference, treated it like a party, went wilder in my movement, that was the most intense praise I had ever, driving my heart HYPER.

That concluded Planetshakers Conference 2010 themed on Favour.

Oh guess what? Need to prepare for Great Ocean Road trip the next day with Fotoholics.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Planetshakers Conference 20TEN Day 3

No photos for Day 3

I didn't attend the morning sessions I feel sorry to let you all down! The best option is to attend them. No worries 'cause I will make up for sessions I've missed although it burn into my wallet.

Making up is not as good as being there. I know. That's the reason why I avoid listening to recorded lectures in uni.

Early in the morning, went to Southern Cross Station to meet up with Clement Ting for shopping. I wanted to shop for a pair of shoes! There's no other time I could find, and I need a new pair of shoes urgently. Shopping with peer's opinion can really make a difference :)

Spent the day at South Wharf @ Southbank for a pair of blue canvas shoes. Lunched at Chinatown, then went to Box Hill to collect my Melaleuca order. Having gone through a lot, it's conference time in the city!

Bishop TD Jakes made his debut tonight. He's powerful, he's amazing, he's awesome, off the chart, mighty, revolutionary, whatever you name it. His message for tonight was "You don't need to do anything." What a life changing sermon I've ever heard, it was a huge paradigm shift.

Now, what do you mean by "don't need to do anything"? It has such a deep meaning beyond what you normally think of. But rest assured, you have the mind to comprehend it :)

And I can't stop foursquare-ing my locations through N97.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Planetshakers Conference 20TEN Day 2

Our day started early in the morning waking up refreshed to hear the Word! Planetshakers was not telling us the speaker lineup to keep up my excitement. Oh yeah, I tweeted about the opening and was so thrilled to see my tweet entry! I tweeted opening was cinematographic, receiving the messages would even be greater.

The sessions kicked off with Reggie Dabbs on "The Time is Now" followed by John Bevere's "Self Images - Projected, Perceived and Actual". Everybody has a "NOW" moment that propels one to greatness; and only what God sees about you is important.

These life changing messages inspires me, they are more than speeches prepared for motivational camp. With the breath of God in these messages, they are supernaturally powerful!

After the morning session I was desperately hungry so there was no delay for lunch in Richmond!

We have our friend from afar, Paul Lim currently reading microbiology in NZ. I was happy I have somebody to talk about bioscience!

An Ang Moh among us! He's called James Downning.

I was with them too! So there was us.

Time for electives! But I made an embaressing mistake that shoot me too far off from Melburne Sports & Entertainment Precinct. But, praise God I got back, attended the elective session and received as much as I need from Ps Matt Fielder on University and International Students.

The night was another showdown with John Bevere on "Grace makes us Extraordinary". He defined "Grace" and revolutionalized my understanding of it. Grace is God's empowerment on us, also reflecting God's Divine power. And by God's Grace, we are made whole. Wow! That's mind blowing! You can say "wow!" backward won't you?

Also a little bit of statistics (I love it!), John mentioned that at most 2% of Americans Christians understand the correct definition of grace. That was really saddening but hey, praise yourself, you've got the message!

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