Friday, December 31, 2010

All Martial Arts Exhibition at Muzium Telekom

What can you enjoy before you finish your days in year 2010? For me, thanks to Advertlets, I had the opportunity to watch Muay Thai kickboxing at Telekom Museum.

Real men fight in the ring poster All martial arts exhibition

All Martial Arts Exhibition, AMAE aimed to promote benefits of practising martial arts to individual and society in regards to self-discipline, confidence, health, mutual respect, patience. One of the main objectives of AMAE is to cultivate interest in the practice of martial arts in youth and adults.

This Fight Night was a LIVE event broadcasted on Astro ARENA channel featuring the best of Malaysian and international Muay Thai kickboxers. This was my first time watching a boxing event as my entertainment!

Ahmad Shabery Cheek
Our Minister of Youth and Sports Dato' Sri Ahmad Shabery Cheek came to officiate the Fight Night. He was flattered (terharu) for being called the architect of our victory in AFF Suzuki Cup lool. Of course, he praised all Malaysians for their joint effort to usher the victory for our soccer team!

is the national sport of Thailand. It's name refers to the "Art of Eight Limbs" or the "Science Of Eight Limbs" making use of punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes.

Let the rumble begin!

muay thai real men fight in the ring

The first night of the event had four matches in which Malaysians were pitted against international opponents from Iran and Thailand. Each match consists of 3x3 minute rounds.

A coach shouted "thip! thip!" to his contestant during the match. It's a Thai word for "foot thrust".

Matches were darn interesting! We shouted, cheered and gave support for our kickboxers. Their skills are amazing! Crowds were on high that night.

After the matches, contestants receive a medal for the job well done!

Of course not forgetting to camwhore with fellow bloggers:

mynjayz jason ong advertlets
Jason Ong @ .

Miss Rei and Ariel Chong advertlets
Meeting and for the first time.

Also present were , @ thenomadGourmand and .

ariel chong

yi ching missrei

Happy New Year 2011 readers!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup goes to Malaysia #HarimauMalaya boleh!

I just can't imagine I was watching the most interesting match at the end of the year! Standard of the game really blew my mind away.

Congrats because Malaysia Boleh! Was really proud of our tigers. Let us roar the next time round! Not only we have won the game but also the respect from fellow countries in the ASEAN region.

harimau malaya

Let the campaign continues #TanahTumpahnyaDarahku + #IHeartMalaysia + #LoveMalaysia.

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34 year old businessman beaten up and robbed by cops over expired road tax

For being frank with the police, 34 year old businessman, Chia Buang Hing was detained for five days and beaten up in custody for an expired road tax.

In case you don't understand Malay: He was stopped at a road block. All he wanted from the police was to be issued a summon for an expired road tax. The police, seeing that his wallet contained a large sum of money, demanded bribe instead. When he refused, the police bashed him up, threatened and robbed him of 13000 Malaysian Ringgit he was carrying.

Issuing a summon for a traffic offence is the right thing to do seeing that police demanded bribe to settle the matter, This is not just a case of police violence but also corruption to the core. What has become of our law enforcers?

Monday, December 27, 2010

AFF Suzuki Cup final + #iHeartMalaysia

Friends in the Twittersphere went crazy about a football match in town. Was wondering, turned out that my beloved country qualified for the final in AFF Suzuki Cup. The first leg of the final had its showdown in Bukit Jalil National Stadium.

Malaysian fans AFF Suzuki Cup final Bukit Jalil

Didn't I expect Malaysian jerseys sold like hotcakes that day, nor the large turnout to cheer for Malaysia!

As friends checked into the stadium for the opportunity to obtain the Epic Swarm badge on ,

4sq Epic Swarm

I joined the fun by watching the match on TV! My only choice was RTM1. Felt like I needed to tune into a sports channel, but my family don't subscribe to it.

Also, at the last minute, I learnt about my team has the nickname Harimau Malaya. Talking about tigers, it's the source of pride among us. Just look at our national emblem.

I don't harbour a high expectation on the standard of soccer in my country. It turned out that the match was interesting considering that our opponent, Indonesia played at a similar standard. Not like those FIFA World Cup matches but still, I feel proud over the standard of the game!

Was wondering where the laser beams come from when they are shone onto faces of the players. I must admit I didn't pay much attention to the laser beams until it became an issue for Indonesian players at the 52nd minute, when Malaysia was about to start a free kick.

I don't have an effing idea where the firecracker, which exploded in the middle of the field, came from. Must be the good work of the fans.

As the game went on, all ecstatic came onto me when Malaysia scored her first goal!

Mohd Safee Sali AFF Suzuki Cup

Mohd Safee Sali was the hero that scored the first goal for us. Harimau sudah mula mengaum. The tiger has started its roar on the football field.

I went high again when we scored another two goals. Not with any form of cheating behaviour, not because we're taking advantage of opponent's weakness but with wisdom and discipline.

A whopping 8 minutes of extra time was given to compensate for the disturbance caused by laser. All I thought was "hang in there, the victory is ours!"

Turning into the Twittersphere I noticed a few topics trending right from our home at Bukit Jalil. Among those were #malaysiacheatlaser and LASER. Apparently the Indonesians were unhappy over us! To whoever shone laser beams on the players, I don't care which are you from, shame on you.

Today, while I was working, there're a few topics trending just from the football match yesterday. I know, the Indonesians are emotional over the football match.

Show your 1Malaysia spirit by tweeting with hashtag #iHeartMalaysia and #LoveMalaysia babeh! No matter where you're from, what's your creed or what your faith is, we are One in heart. My Australian pastors told inspiring real life stories when Australia is represented in sports event.

That's how we should be.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Harimau Muda boleh! Malaysia vs Indonesia 3-0

Marred by laser beam incidents, RI lost 0-3 to M’sia in AFF Cup final

Indonesia lost 0-3 to host Malaysia in the Asean Football Federation (AFF) Cup finals first leg, which was marred by laser beam incidents shot by Malaysian supporters to Indonesian players.

Indonesian players decided to walk out from the pitch in the 54th minute, complaining about low visibility after being shot by a number of laser beams from Malaysian supporters.

After a negotiation, all the players got back to the pitch, but just few minutes after the restart, Indonesia conceded three goals.

Vietnam, which lost 0-2 in the first leg of AFF Cup semifinals in Kuala Lumpur, earlier complained about the use of the laser.

Indonesia will host the second leg of the AFF Cup final on Wednesday.

via The Jakarta Post

Our Harimau Muda can do it! See you in Jakarta and I hope you guys will do it again!
Who among the fans is using lasers? You've interfered with the game and give us a bad name #malaysiacheatlaser. Tsk tsk tsk.

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PJCAD Day of God's Wrath fashion show

Finishing #klims10 at PWTC, I went to Sunway Pyramid for a fashion show presented by PJ College of Arts and Design students. The fashion show was held at Thirty Two Bistro and Bar.

I was one of the earliest to arrive among bloggers. So I chit chatted with an ex-lecturer. His take home message for me was "have the heart of an artist".

This was my first time shooting a fashion show, furthermore with a compact cam. Super challenging! Miss the moment and you miss the shot forever.








After the catwalk finished, it's camwhore time! Catwalk only lasted for 10 mins - Quite short!




Thanks for the invite!

If you're interested to check out courses offered by PJ College of Arts and Design, head over to

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas people!

A Christmas tree made with Apple gadgets!

Apple christmas tree

via and

Friday, December 24, 2010

KLIMS10 at PWTC (part 2)

After looking at cars in the hall featuring Toyota and Honda cars, I said goodbye to my uncle to make haste through the motor show.

Immediately, I went to the ticketing counter to purchase my entrance ticket. Since I come prepared with my student card, I enjoyed a huge savings off normal prices. It doesn't matter if you study locally or overseas - student price applies!


Proton came up with some concept cars as well as Pahlawan series.

A Proton Kasturi on display.

A display not to be missed - Bumblebee from Transformers!

worked for Isuzu.

Harley Davidson motorbike. Vrooomm!

And there was Kate Lee @ Copykate modelling for Maserati.

It's possible to visit KL Motor Show for free by outsmarting the layout plan. That's because the organiser did not control direction where visitor can enter/exit the halls.

Next up will be PJCAD Day of God's Wrath fashion show at Sunway Pyramid.

Where do Malays come from?

Malays come from malaria

Which smart ass come up with this answer? LOL....

Want other funny answers to exam questions? Click here!

My first studio shoot

Courtesy of Fotoholics MUPC, I got my opportunity for a studio shoot. My equipment is simple - a point-and-shoot Sony DSC-W110!










Remember, to shoot good photos, you must understand your camera. What is it good at? What are its limitations? You can't dictate what others should use without first knowing their equipments first!

Don't forget to communicate with the model while shooting! From what I saw during consumer fairs, all you see is the poor showgirl facing shots from multiple photogs. Signal when you're taking your shot will make things much better. The key is: communicate!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Melbourne GPO filler

It's one of the shopping centre in Melbourne City, filled with boutiques and chocolate shops.

Melbourne GPO

Formerly the headquarter of the post office.

It's situated at the end of Bourke Street Mall.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Samsung Galaxy 5: the interface

Courtesy of Advertlets, I had the opportunity to review Samsung Galaxy 5.

Samsung Galaxy 5 and Nokia 5230.

As an entry level touch-screen phone, it's fair to compare it with my Nokia 5230. Nokia 5230 employs the resistive touchscreen technology while Samsung Galaxy 5 uses capacitive technology - this translates into very different user experience. Nokia 5230 works well with stylus or fingernails; Samsung Galaxy 5 with bare fingers.

To start it off, Galaxy 5 runs on Android version 2.1 (Eclair).

It is packed with features for an all-rounded experience. For a price tag of RM 699, this device features Bluetooth, 3G, WiFi 802.11 b/g and A-GPS - extremely good for an entry-level product.

buttons Samsung Galaxy 5

Although packed with features, I gotta be honest with you that its touchscreen cannot really differentiate between light touch and heavy touch - leading to many mistakes that I had to press the "back" key to get back. In other words, I meant to drag, but the phone interpreted as "press".

The home screen. It's the shortcut to many of your beloved apps and features, however setting it up was a pain for me due to its error prone touchscreen.

For social networking fans, input of the phone is of utmost concern when it comes to usage.

Numeric keypad was fine but took me some time to get used to.

Considering that the screen is 2.8" big, typing on the QWERTY keypad in portrait mode gave me a relatively high error rate. The keys are quite small.

Turning the phone into landscape remedied the high error rate.

Input method can be interchanged by pressing and holding on the text space on the screen. In the menu that pops up, you can select other input methods like Swype and Chinese IME. Let us see how to input Chinese with Samsung Galaxy 5.

Chinese characters can be entered in the Chinese IME mode. You begin by typing the pronunciation of the character and select from possible suggestions. Tap on the character you want. Just like other input methods, entering Chinese is very intuitive.

Lastly, to access more functions in an app, simply press the menu key on the phone. Available options vary according to apps.

In the coming post of my review series, I'll be taking you to a tour of social apps I've used with Samsung Galaxy 5.

To read more on Samsung Galaxy 5 review, please visit

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