Monday, January 31, 2011

Oh Khang Jee: My Hobby

Epic Malay karangan (composition) from a primary school student.

Tajuk : Hobi Saya

Oh Khang Jee
Saya amat tq kepada God kerana memasuki 2 biji mata di muka saya. Bermukakah hobi saya. Hobi saya ialah guna mata sot orang.

Pada 1 hari, saya sot seorang gurl. Tapi, girl itu sangat hebat, dia sot balik Saya.

Saya amat tq kepada God kerana memasuki 2 biji mata di muka saya. Bermukakah hobi saya. Hobi saya ialah guna mata sot orang.Pada 1 hari, saya sot seorang gurl. Tapi, girl itu sangat hebat, dia sot balik Saya.

oh khang jee hobi saya

The teacher verdicted "See the counselling after this!!!". Which karangan deserve this?

Friday, January 28, 2011

Real Men Fight in the Ring!

Being with the blogging family is one thing I enjoy. I certainly have not gone wrong choosing .

Don't play play with Advertlets bloggers yo!

Full write up of the event here.

Photo credits: Feeqsays

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chinese New Year deco 2011: Pavilion KL

Atmosphere of spring is in the air...

6 booths - 六六大顺

These booths offer traditional Chinese arts and crafts.

The rhythm of a brand new season.

Cute bunnies 兔气扬眉

Disconnect to Connect

A Thai commercial that transcends its own country to remind us of caring for people close to our hearts.

What do you feel after watching the commercial above? If you think that we should put down our devices and instead focus on people who care for us the most, I ask you, to vote for Chammaine Tan's proposal in Project O&O by following the steps:

  1. Click "Like" on the Project O&O Facebook page.
  2. Vote for Chammaine's proposal by clicking "Like" at the end of the note, leaving a comment if you wish.

Thank you!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jess Lee Kar Wei 李佳薇 made it to One Million Star (Season 7) Grand Finale!

Jess Lee, our very own Malaysian contestant in One Million Star aka Superstar Avenue made her way to the Grand Finale. Our home grown talent finally shines, you are making us proud baby!

Jess Lee Kar Wei

Who's Jess Lee?

Nickname: The Queen of Power Singing
Nationality: Malaysia

She graduated from National University of Malaysia with a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. During her university years, she participated in a student exchange program in Taiwan reading life sciences.

"Those not knowing me will think that I look proud. Those who barely know me will only see my idotic giggle. Those knowing me well will know that I'm your good friend. I don't dare to claim that I have a passion in music, I only like singing a lot and ~enjoying the feeling of being listened~"

She started singing from an early age and won numerous singing competitions during her childhood. As a toddler, she knew how to sing hits before she learnt how to talk.

On suggestions by a few blogs, I went on to watch videos of Jess Lee performing in the pre-final. Her videos has garnered views several times more than any other contestants.

She started off by singing 勇敢 (Brave) by A-Mei. Many were touched to tears by her immersive singing. I bet that her cover is 10x better than the original! I totally agree with the judges that they gave full marks for her exceptional, unparalleled performance.

The next part of her challenge was to duet with an established singer. With Della Ding, another power singer herself, they presented What's Up originally performed by the 4 Non Blondes, their voices blended into each other with absolute perfection. You can feel the power of their voices, with a standard matching their African counterparts (many singers with African bloodline are known for power singing). Again, the judges decided to award full marks, how amazing!

Malaysians ashore and abroad will be cheering for you Jess so bring it on, baby! Jess is really the champion of One Million Star (Season 7) in our hearts.

Malaysia Boleh!

For more updates, you can

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Energizer Night Strike Paintball tournament finale

Xtion Paintball Park at Bukit Jalil was happening as the final for the first night paintball tournament in Malaysia was taking place.

night strike paintball

This paintball tournament was not only the first in Malaysia but recognised as the first night and ultraviolent (UV) paintball tournament in Asia Pacific by Paintball Asia League Series (PALS).

Why playing paintball in the dark with glowing pellets, uniform and props? The tournament is inspired by the Energizer Energy Beam breand image to bring the excitement of digital realm to real life.

Xtion paintball Energizer Night Strike tournament

Players and spectators are treated to a visual feast of fast-paced action in neon colours. You can feel the adreanaline rush hearing rounds of pellets fired from the barrels, as players got into their position to complete the gaming objective.

The game was played in complete darkness illuminated by UV light. Players had to rely on their senses to detect and eliminate their opponents.

team ace champion Energizer Night Strike

After three days of intense battle, Team ACE was crowned the champion of the very first night paintball tournament in Malaysia!

Check out the official photo album of the event here.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Malaysian cultural export

Look at this remark left at Wai Yan's blog:

Akhir sekali, pak cik memang fasih dalam bahasa Ingerris. Time pack cik dulu, bapa pak cik memaksa pak cik untuk belajar.
Tetapi, walaupun pak cik boleh bercakap dalam bahasa Ingerris pak cik taklah suka sangat, kerana Bahasa itu bahasa setan orang putih.

The words in bold reads "English is the devilish tongue spoken by White men". His purpose was to troll on girl's blog. If you head over to Wai Yan's blog to see what happened, you'll catch him contradicting himself in his speech. But I pity this man, as soon as he step out of this land, who is going to speak to him in Malay. Maybe southern Thailand. Maybe Singapore. Or Brunei. Very likely, he doesn't know about other languages besides Malay and English. So he'd be resorted to using the "devilish tongue" as he calls it.

The Malay have a saying called bahasa jiwa bangsa. It simply says language is the soul of the nation. This not only apply to Malaysia but elsewhere in the world. Language is more than a mean of communication. It allows us to identify ourselves with people.

From the news it has been reported that Ice Kacang Puppy Love (a Malaysian production) will not be able to enjoy tax rebate on the grounds that "less than 60% of the dialogue is in Malay". It dealt a blow of shame to our film industry. But, thinking about Malay movies, I think Indonesia is our likely audience, since they speak a similar language. But no, they can produce much better movies. Other than Indonesia I can't find any other place where Malay movies can be enjoyed (tell me if I'm in error). However, Chinese movies have a likely audience of Singapore, China, Taiwan, in the sinosphere.

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza is also having a hard time to penetrate the Indonesian music market. For now, our Malay music has yet to reach Indonesian ears. Things that should make sense don't come true all the time.

Look at the Koreans. My Korean proficiency is limited to a few isolated vocabulary hence I rely a lot on subs to enjoy Korean shows. However I enjoy listening Korean pop songs sang in its language. The Korean wave is hitting all shores around Asia. What's the secret to this?

Confidence. To achieve successful cultural export the people must be confident and have faith in themselves. There must be quality in the products. Even though people may not understand our language, our language command respect as soon as people read or hear it when they know the quality we have.

If you ask me, what cultural aspect of Malaysia can be exported? We are a plural society living in peace with each other, to the amazement of others. We are a land of cultural variety. It's a place like no other.

But before we do that, we need to clean up our own backyard first. Instead of the fear of loss, we need to instill this thing called keyakinan bangsa. And what about this thing called Ketuanan Melayu? It will be needless to talk about supremacy once confidence is there. And refrain from giving walking stick to a child because he/she will never learn to walk properly with it.

Wing Heong grand master Yok Man 肉问

Do you enjoy watching Ip Man? Put your hands up!

Friday, January 21, 2011

SNSD Intel Core i9 wallpaper - parody

The upcoming Intel Core i9 (I think!). I give you nine sexy Korean chics first before I make the chips ok? *wink*

Intel core i9 SNSD Girls Generation

Click here to download full resolution.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taylor's Lakeside Campus open day

In the afternoon of December 19, 2010, I drove to southern Petaling Jaya near Bandar Sunway to experience myself this state-of-the-art campus of Taylor's University.

taylors lakeside campus entrance

How to get there? Drive along Federal Highway and exit at Damansara-Puchong Expressway towards Puchong direction. Just before the Sunway toll you can find an entrance to Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

library signboard taylors lakeside campus

The one and only thing that appealed to me was campus tour. Taylor's University features an ambient, self-contained lakeside campus. The notion of incorporating lakeside scenery in a learning environment appeared somehow radical to me, so I was going to see how and why Taylor's come up with this idea.

I call this the honeycomb bookshelf, housing new arrivals of the library.

Nice and cute couch.

I am quite impressed with the modern library. Transparent walls of the 24-hour study room allows viewing of scenery around all angles during the day; at night the opposite happens.

There're suspended shelves housing journals and periodicals. I wonder if they subscribe to Nature or Science? :) They're my favourite scientific publications to get in the know.

Taylor's Lakeside library is 5 storeys high. As a student, you are free to enjoy its air conditioned cozy interior, whether it's chilling off or study hard.

There're self study table for some private space.

Omg look at those cute couches.

Next up, we visited the classrooms and lecture theatres. To maximise the use of natural sunlight indoors, some of the rooms features transparent walls giving unprecedented visual effect as well.

moot court

What's the best part of Taylor's Lakeside Campus?

The signature of Taylor's Lakeside Campus is of course the vast square by the calm lake.

Your future awaits at Taylor's :)

terrace taylor's lakeside
Taylor's University prepares you for a bright future.

Must say the lake gives the campus good fengshui too!

Taylor's University features a concept campus in tropical Malaysia, home to students of science, medicine, pharmacy, engineering, law, business, art, communication and design. Does that make you wanna study in this garden campus?

"Come with a dream, leave with a plan.

Run Devil Run - MV story version

At the end of Oh! MV, the cheerleaders encountered evil versions of themselves from a parallel universe, setting the scene for Run Devil Run. But what really happens when the girls met their foe?

Who came up with an ingenious way to defeat their evil selves? Watch to know.

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Visual Dreams (Intel Collaboration Song) SNSD

The beginning reminds me of inspiration taken from Boom Boom Pow by Black Eye Peas.

I agree with the folks that the MV was done badly. The girls only had two days to learn the dance move (lol!), I guess this whole piece was rushed, I don't call this professional.

The MV was full of mistakes - 0:27 Jessica's turning, 1:00 Yuri's looking a bit lost, 1:30 Yoona's wrong timing, 2:40 bad choreography, 3:05 Seohyun's leg not synchronised.

Intel has made a good choice by choosing Girls' Generation to be their brand ambassador, but I don't understand why they rush a piece like this. With so many mistakes in the final MV, are you suggesting that your processors are so prone to errors or design flaws till they jeopardies our computing experience? Girls' Generation are well known for their synchronised dance moves and hence I don't tolerate any compromise to their performance quality.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Run Devil Run interactive English sub

This subbing technique allow checking for equivalence unlike typical lyric translation.

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Monday, January 17, 2011

Lady Gaga Bad Romance parody - Just Shit My Pants

2:08 - I really love that 'cause this is what Malaysian public toilets looks and smells like!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Megatex + FHM Girl Next Door party

14 January 2010

Everybody was so happening that night.

Met Shannon Chow randomly.

Vote her in Project O&O by liking her photo here.

Visited Megatex at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre. Household and consumer electronics.

fhm girl next door euphoria ministry of sound
You can't miss the crowning of FHM Girl Next Door!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

iSupport Chammaine Tan for Project O&O

Chammaine Tan Project One & Only

I have voted Tan Chammaine for Project One & Only. Is she the your kind of Youth Ambassador?

Founded in 2010, Project One & Only (acro. Project O&O) is the first online inter-varsity pageant in Malaysia in search of an Ambassador to represent youths in Malaysia.

Winners are chosen using the Facebook "two-step voting" process. To vote for your Youth Ambassador,

  1. Head to Project O&O Facebook page (link) and click the "Like" button.
  2. Browse through the photos of the contestants (link). To vote for a contestant, click "Like" below the photo of the contestant. You can vote as many contestants that you want.
  3. Sit back and wait for the result!

Voting for ? After Step 1, head to her photo and click "Like" below the captions.

Check out other bloggers who're taking part, Dylan Phuah, Sam Insanity and Shannon Chow. "Like" them to show your support!

PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo: the showgirls, day 2

The second day of Digital Lifestyle Expo at KLCC has more traffic!

#1 - Look at the number of visitors

#2 - visitors entering Hall 5

#3 - Counter-strike showgirl. Compare her outfit on day 1.

#4 - Dragon of Heaven showgirls.

#5 - AsiaSoft promoter. The maker of MapleStory.



#8 - League of Legends

#9 - compare her outfit on day 1.

Day 3? I'm so sorry.

View my photos taken on day 1 here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Something Very Wrong with the Malaysian history syllabus

I remember of my days in Secondary Four, when new textbooks were adopted for history (sejarah) subject. My history lesson began with topics on ancient civilizations, studying about the majesty of Babylonians, Egyptians, ancient India and China. History has been made a compulsory subject to be taken at Malaysian Certificate of Education public exam, regardless of one's stream in secondary school.

We arrived at the chapter mentioning the beginning of Islam. I had barely dwell into the topic, my friend pointed out to me, something was amiss about the whole history syllabus for Secondary Four. There was a bias of content on Islamic civilizations.

I looked at the table of contents of my history textbook. There were at least five chapters devoted to Islam. I counted the number of pages, it turned out to be a huge chunk of the textbook. I estimated that half of the textbook was on Islam.

One quarter of the history syllabus devoted to Islam is no joke. This is not an Islamic subject taught in a religious school, but a subject studied by students from all races, faiths and creed, required to pass the public exam, taught in the mainstream schools!

It seems that the government has a set agenda in the history syllabus, I must suspect. I know my Muslim friends have a breeze during the Islamic chapters due to overlap of contents in their Islamic Studies subject, but people like me had to digest hard to pass my history in SPM! Don't you think this is unfair?!

Besides the overemphasis of Islam in Secondary Four, I wondered why we need to repeat Malaysian contemporary history in Secondary Five. Haven't we studied in in Secondary Three? Shouldn't we use our time and energy to know history, as we are supposed to know it? Thanks to our shallow syllabus, I am not surprised that most new generation Malaysians have no idea on major historical events of the world.

In our syllabus, the author made the Chinese and Indians appear as if they migrated to the Malay world during British rule, working as laborers in various sector. But, I had no idea that the earliest Chinese settled on the land, dating back to the Sultanate of Malacca.

The racial riot on 13 of May 1969 seem to start without a proper cause. In actual fact, these are sequences of events from the general election held in that year. Who knows the full story?

Will we ever get a clear picture of Malaysian history?

Do you know what is in the current form 4 history text books!??

When one picks up a history book, one would expect to read a fair account of events as they actually happened in the past. Definitely, one would expect the most accurate record possible of history as it unfolded through the decades, written as objectively as possible.

A most reasonable expectation indeed when the book in question is a major textbook prescribed by our Education Ministry for our students nationwide. A book that is instrumental in shaping the young minds of our future generation.

The issue takes even greater prominence when the content of that book is going to decide whether our students pass or fail in a major exam on which their future hinges.

Read more here.

Half the country disappears in M’sian history syllabus

When trying to ensure that the populace is sympathetic to a particular point of view, starting inculcation young is a useful tactic. In various ways, Umno is using school history textbooks to push its view of Malayan and Malaysian history. There has been a gradual process of ethnic cleansing in Malaysian history books over the last 25 years.

A anonymous textbook entitled Sejarah Menengah Malaysia, (Tingkatan Tiga), published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (DBP) in under the Ministry of Education in 1971 had much space devoted to the British role in Malayan history, and included a chapter on the Chinese in the peninsula until 1874.

By 1998, a textbook entitled Kurikulum Bersepadu Sekolah Menegah Sejarah Tingkatan 1, also published by DBP and compiled by Dato’ Dr Abdul Shukor bin Abdullah and his 17 Malay collaborators, depicts a peninsula whose history begins with the Melaka Sultanate, when it appears that the population of Malaya was entirely Malay, and continues on into the Johor period of Malayan history. The cultural aspects are entirely Malay and it is as if half the country has disappeared.

Full story here.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Toshiba: Leading Innovation at PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo

Where was it? Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (KLCC)

toshiba regza chandelier
The majestic chandelier.

the art of innovative excellence
The art of innovative excellence.

toshiba leading innovation
The motto - Leading Innovation.

Have you read my post on the showgirls? Check them out here.

SNSD Genie + Gee Japanese version

Korean cultural export is going to the next level! These are familiar songs in Korean, but are you curious how do they sound in Japanese?

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PIKOM Digital Lifestyle Expo: the showgirls, day 1

Picture spam, I hope your eyes have a great time enjoying their candy!

#1 - Samsung

#2 - Santarina of (game)


#4 - Santa Claus! Acer.

#5 - Dragon of Heaven (game).

#6 - Sensonic

#7 - A4tech.


#9 - Boomz SEA.

#10 - Counter Strike.


#12 - i1Play.

#13 - Garmin.


Craving for more showgirl photos? Satisfy yourself by heading to my Facebook album.