Sunday, January 2, 2011

Freshwater delight at Fish Valley Semenyih

I joined my family for dinner deep in a secluded section of Semenyih. Surrounded by a large fish pond, Fish Valley Semenyih offers awesomely delicious freshwater fish on the dinner table.

During the day, the restaurant is a heaven for fishing enthusiasts. You can request the restaurant to cook your catches to celebrate on your fishing victory immediately.

squid ring fish valley semenyih

To begin with, we were served with stir fried squid ring with petai, long beans and pineapple. You can feel a tinge of mild spiciness that comes with petai dishes, coupled with the meaty rings, everything comes together for an umami.

mix fried vegetables fish valley semenyih

White lotus stir fried with beans and carrots, nicknamed mini stir fried dish by the restaurant, gives a vegetatively crispy experience. To sum it all, this dish is really about the lotus.

clam fish valley semenyih

Golden clams was awesome with the gravy sauce.

tofu fish valley semenyih

As with the tofu, it's something you'd expect for a tofu dish. Not bad after all.

fried mee fish valley semenyih

Fried mee named 炒生面.


I like eating the brocolli from the pot but not the fish cake. The fish cakes tasted fishy rendering them unpalatable, at the point of time. Epic #phail.

steam tilapia

The fish were the bomb! Steamed tilapia (非洲鱼) with soya sauce just melts in your mouth.

Steamed carp fish valley semenyih

This black carp, named 黑鲩 gives a slightly varied but comparable gastronomic experience with the tilapia above.

Fish Valley Semenyih
Sri Haneco Industrial Park
Jalan Kachau
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Tel: 012-3825518 & 016-2784092


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  2. Lovely. I wish I can taste those foods:D

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