Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Samsung Galaxy 5: Facebook

Whose social networking life cannot run away from Facebook, put your hands up!

Indeed, Facebook forms the core of social networking for most people, be it you are student, working adults or enjoying the rest of your life, Facebook keeps you connected with fellow friends around the world. To enjoy Facebook on the Samsung Galaxy 5 to the fullest, using the native app is a good start.

facebook native app samsung galaxy 5

Being familiar with user interface of, Facebook is pretty self exploratory.

Using Facebook, you can check for messages and approve friend requests on the go. What's cool, you can check into places. Sadly, the Places feature was still yet to be available in Malaysia.

facebook status update

By clicking on a status update, you can "Like" it or make a written comment on it.

You are not confined to your computer for the ultimate Facebook experience. To enjoy mobile social networking with minimum cost, get yourself a Samsung Galaxy 5 - it has an awesome spec for an entry level phone, head over to Android Market to download your free Facebook app and you are ready to go!

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