Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Samsung Galaxy 5: Foursquare and Google Maps

How to use your Samsung Galaxy 5 to the fullest? As I've mentioned earlier, this basic Android phone is equipped with GPS, making usage of Foursquare and maps possible.

gps and network location setting

To ensure proper function of geo-location social networking and mapping softwares, I advise you to enable both network based and GPS based location determination. At first, when I tried using Foursquare, it didn't work until I turned on wireless network location determination.

You can access the screen above by going to your phone settings under "Location and security settings".

With the best settings, you are ready to go with Foursquare.

Foursquare on Samsung Galaxy 5

This is the user profile page, in which I've added him as a friend.

You can see how many mayorship your friend has.

The fundamental function of Foursquare, checking in to a venue. You can choose to add a shout and ping Twitter regarding your arrival at a venue after pressing "Check in".

Another great motivation to buying a smartphone is to make use of the map application when you are out and about. Preloaded onto Samsung Galaxy 5, Google Maps is one of the most basic of all.

Google Map on Samsung Galaxy 5

With GPS and wireless network location determination combined, your current location can be pinpointed with a reasonable accuracy (indoor).

Searching for a venue. The phone intuitively suggest possible places.

suria klcc on map

Google Maps - an essential app for every smartphone.

Want to go somewhere but clueless? Google Map in your phone is your personal navigator.

Thanks to my brother for editing the photos!

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