Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taylor's Lakeside Campus open day

In the afternoon of December 19, 2010, I drove to southern Petaling Jaya near Bandar Sunway to experience myself this state-of-the-art campus of Taylor's University.

taylors lakeside campus entrance

How to get there? Drive along Federal Highway and exit at Damansara-Puchong Expressway towards Puchong direction. Just before the Sunway toll you can find an entrance to Taylor's Lakeside Campus.

library signboard taylors lakeside campus

The one and only thing that appealed to me was campus tour. Taylor's University features an ambient, self-contained lakeside campus. The notion of incorporating lakeside scenery in a learning environment appeared somehow radical to me, so I was going to see how and why Taylor's come up with this idea.

I call this the honeycomb bookshelf, housing new arrivals of the library.

Nice and cute couch.

I am quite impressed with the modern library. Transparent walls of the 24-hour study room allows viewing of scenery around all angles during the day; at night the opposite happens.

There're suspended shelves housing journals and periodicals. I wonder if they subscribe to Nature or Science? :) They're my favourite scientific publications to get in the know.

Taylor's Lakeside library is 5 storeys high. As a student, you are free to enjoy its air conditioned cozy interior, whether it's chilling off or study hard.

There're self study table for some private space.

Omg look at those cute couches.

Next up, we visited the classrooms and lecture theatres. To maximise the use of natural sunlight indoors, some of the rooms features transparent walls giving unprecedented visual effect as well.

moot court

What's the best part of Taylor's Lakeside Campus?

The signature of Taylor's Lakeside Campus is of course the vast square by the calm lake.

Your future awaits at Taylor's :)

terrace taylor's lakeside
Taylor's University prepares you for a bright future.

Must say the lake gives the campus good fengshui too!

Taylor's University features a concept campus in tropical Malaysia, home to students of science, medicine, pharmacy, engineering, law, business, art, communication and design. Does that make you wanna study in this garden campus?

"Come with a dream, leave with a plan.

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