Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Visual Dreams (Intel Collaboration Song) SNSD

The beginning reminds me of inspiration taken from Boom Boom Pow by Black Eye Peas.

I agree with the folks that the MV was done badly. The girls only had two days to learn the dance move (lol!), I guess this whole piece was rushed, I don't call this professional.

The MV was full of mistakes - 0:27 Jessica's turning, 1:00 Yuri's looking a bit lost, 1:30 Yoona's wrong timing, 2:40 bad choreography, 3:05 Seohyun's leg not synchronised.

Intel has made a good choice by choosing Girls' Generation to be their brand ambassador, but I don't understand why they rush a piece like this. With so many mistakes in the final MV, are you suggesting that your processors are so prone to errors or design flaws till they jeopardies our computing experience? Girls' Generation are well known for their synchronised dance moves and hence I don't tolerate any compromise to their performance quality.

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