Sunday, February 27, 2011

DMG Mori Seiki Technology Centre opening at Glenmarie

Was so geared up knowing about opening of a new technology centre of DMG-Mori Seiki at Glenmarie, Shah Alam. I'm sure many of you are unfamiliar with the name. DMG (from Germany) produces machines that are used to make automobile/aerospace parts and is now in a joint venture with Japanese company Mori Seiki.

DMG Mori Seiki technology centre opening Mukhriz Mahathir

Also, thanks to my uncle for bringing me there.

This company produces one of the most advanced machines for metalworking.

CNC control panel
Control panel of a CNC machine. You input the program you've written for the machine to run here. The program instructs the machine based on numerical information called computer numerical control (CNC).

CNC lathe
This is a lathe. The workpiece can be spun at high speed or you can choose to rotate the tool instead.

The sheer size of the machine! Workbench occupies a small part of it. Also included with the machine is a tool magazine that enables the machine to change tool as needed.

Workbench inside a CNC machine with coolant on. With a 5-axis coordinate system you can create anything you desire by selectively removing metal from your starting material (usually a metal block lol)

Various tools for various applications. All of them are installed on a spindle and rotated at high speed.

Let's check out the finished product shall we?

Imma so impressed that a Mobius strip can be carved. Quiz: what's the properties of a Mobius strip?

Don't forget to camwhore with a hot chick! Her company is selling machining coolants.

That was a fruitful visit to the precision manufacturing industry. Without the industry, you won't be enjoying the car you drive or boarding a plane because machine parts must be highly customisable and accurately made.


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