Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Malaysian Queen of Power Singing Jess Lee Kar Wei 李佳薇 now Champion of One Million Star 超级星光大道 season 7!

On the day of One Million Star aka Super Avenue finale: National Front retained seat in the Tenang by-election with an increased majority of 3707 votes. Our very own Datuk Lee Chong Wei lost when he met his nemesis (Lin Dan of China) in the Korean Open.

With all anticipation, I tuned to Astro AEC to watch the Grand Finale of 超级星光大道 live from Taiwan. The main reason I followed the show was Jess Lee.

Due to dinner, I wasn't able to enjoy the full length of the show but fortunately I was just in time to watch the performance of Jess Lee.

Her first song: 回家 Returning Home. Look at the judge's teary face when she finished.

To emerge as the champion, she was asked to sing again. This time, Listen by Beyonce.

I was confident that she would win the competition. What's more, she scored four consecutive full marks - no one has ever done it!

Sam Chen 陈泽杉, the current president of Warner Music China, known for his choosiness of talent, remarked that Jess can be a recording artist immediately! This puts her on par with Jolin Tsai, F.I.R., JYJ (Korean) and Coco Lee, all belonging to the same talent agency.

Jess Lee's win of One Million Star season 7 created a phenomenon among Malaysian Chinese. Quoting the deputy editor of Sin Chew Daily in his opinion column, the Chinese race in Malaysia has put their hopes collectively on this young girl from Seremban. The Chinese on the Malaysian land has felt that they lack opportunity to perform in various sector, furthermore feeling that their culture has been largely neglected. Therefore, the Malaysian Chinese has always looked for an opportunity for a recognition, and that night was the night.

The road has not come easy for Jess. She faced competitors from mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore and other regions on her road to the championship, and she defeated them all. Her voice, more than pleasing the the ear, actually touches your innermost heart.

At the same time, I am also interested in the current activities of the champions of other singing competition. What has become of them? Jacklyn Victor, winner of Malaysian Idol season 1, has a similar singing capability with Jess Lee but faced serious disadvantage as she can't tap into the vast Chinese market. Her successor, Daniel Lee, no longer sings but is now a DJ. The same goes for Orange Tan of Project Superstar Malaysia season 2.

Pink Tan did an amazing job of making into the Grand Finale however, she needs to put in more effort to make her debut in the music scene. I hope she continue her passion in music and don't give up.

As of many singing reality shows that face the fate of being cancelled after a few seasons (Malaysian Idol, One in a Million Project Superstar, Who will Win), I sincerely hope that CTV will continue the show. It's not just the show per se but the best Chinese singing competition in town!

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  1. Wow, simply enjoyed your article on our Malaysian lass, Jess Lee who made us all Malaysian Chinese truly proud of her great achievement in Taiwan.