Friday, February 11, 2011

A piece of mind

The pace of life is slowly getting unbearably rapid as the century goes on, till no one can no longer catch it. There'll be new things everyday. A lifetime cannot contain the contents of the sea of knowledge, what's more we are filling the sea everyday.


Biopolymath sunset sea Mornington Peninsula

Everyday is filled with unreasonable demands, like what a student of Chinese independent school faces. Parallel class system is making them gasping but they don't get to catch a breath to go on, homework is getting unbearable, there's not even time for originality. Some has taken the shortcut. Indeed there are people who can help with homework, but I cannot do the homework for you, your schoolwork is after all, your pride and your right.

To score high there'll always be weapons for bonus, but isn't there something wrong? There's nothing wrong about the work, but something is amiss on the principality. You can always come up with the best gun to defeat your enemy, but do you have the skill level necessary to wield the gun? The best gun deals the most damage to your foe, but if it backfires due to your lack of skill you'll be the one taking the greatest beating.

Taking the cookie cutter approach will make you NOT BEING YOURSELF.

South Gippsland Highway Victoria Australia


It all began with the wife refusing to cook the family meal for the husband. I was shocked to hear that. How can that happen, but after listening to everything that happened before, I come to know that it isn't surprising.

Indeed men touched on women while working overseas, the temptation was hard to bear, I know. I've heard a chap saying that while most had an encounter, they simply pretend nothing has ever happened and all traces of the extramarital affair destroyed. Perhaps ignorance is bliss.

The woman never belonged to you, so you have better leave it where it is. I don't know why on earth this woman had her education financed from an extramarital affair of a married man and who's so foolish to do that.

The next thing I know is psychiatric treatment. Now the wound of the heart has been treated but this man became eccentric in his temperament. And self righteous - I'm uncomfortable.

Now that everything is laid bare to everyone who deserve to know. But for this man with his hardened heart, perhaps the best way is to --- leave him alone. Now that each family has its own prosperity to live.


Are we at peace as we sees it? War between good and evil are constantly going on. The battle is in our minds. We don't fight it with guns but righteousness. When all fails faith, hope and love will be our last cry.

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