Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cheer On

3 weeks since I've started my third year of university, time flies faster than I'd imagine.

Since the beginning of the semester, gastric struck me so bad, my heart thumped violently, refused to slow down by my will. I worried so much so that this persisting ailment would affect my university life. Only after strict adherence to feeding and sleeping schedule this ailment was cured.

GFP beach
Drawing on a Petri dish with genetically engineered fluorescent bacteria

Facing the demands put on me on the final year, my understanding is that these are not unreasonable. To prepare for the reality, I have to be equipped well to face the world, that I can belong to my interests. No longer I hide in the comfort zone, things are perpetually happening elsewhere. Apart from the core knowledge passed to me, there is a need to pop my head to look for developments.

microtitre plate
Microtitre plates

Oh, where am I? Life is a continuous race. At times, I may stop, doubting my ability to continue. Always, there will be people to cheer me on.

Simply because, I can do it.

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