Sunday, March 27, 2011

Continuity of life

Hello guys! I have not talked about how I am doing for long, the learning curve come to me again, subjects are getting tougher - this is third year of a Bachelor's degree program (you know!) Assessment in the subjects are getting at very uncomfortable levels - lots of research work needed, may need to read scientific papers to know more about things, etc.

Reflecting on myself, what's the value of university education? People of my age are making do without it, there's so much you need to know to live. University experience is to impart me more, to equip me with the skills needed for a career in my field. Aside from the knowledge, the course you've taken train you to think in a certain way, the approach you need to take to look at something. I come to realise that it's not the factual knowledge is the most important, they change over time - it's how you see things that matters the most.

Looking into the future, things are not going to be the same. I need to answer questions before that are asked, problems tomorrow are not going to have a clear definition and the solutions won't come from a particular approach or discipline. Does my university properly equip me sufficiently tomorrow?

Everyday is an experience of impartation of skills and also confidence. While I receive, I feel that there is a tendency to become passive and not take an interest into matters. You and I can be very capable, many a times we do not know the hidden potential that lies within. All it takes is somebody to say "you can do this".

Ultimately, it's not what I know. Am I confident with myself?

I am asked to do a lot more.

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