Saturday, March 5, 2011

My results Sem 2, 2010

How am I doing during my second semester of 2010? Look and see...

One word to say: neglect. I didn't put in much effort for Biotechnology. However, I'm happy that my biotech forum reports are very good. For biochemistry practical subject (named Techniques in Molecular Science), I always felt I achieved bad learning outcomes and was so overwhelmed by the workload of practicals.

What I am happy about my result are my strong understanding of theory - Biochemical Regulation of Cell Function I get 89 marks ftw! That's also the subject I read a lot. Also, I managed another first class honours for my breadth subject Learning Cultures. This is the last time I am taking a breadth subject.

On a final note: don't get a bad start for semester.

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  1. nakz glng naman.. Good luck po and God bless!