Sunday, April 3, 2011

K-pop songs I like with recorded music (MR) removed

Not long after I started 3rd year of uni, I searched for 5dolls' debut video. What I found was:

It sounded a little weird. Lacking time, I didn't find further videos of them. Back then I had no idea of what's MR removed.

Being a singer is really a occupational hazard. Check them out below:

SECRET: Shy Boy - a demanding dance that makes you gasping for air and still sing!

T-ara: Yayaya

G.NA: Black and White

SNSD: Oh! - I say dancing and singing is next to impossible! Don't believe me?!

You expect a reasonable performance when dancing is not involved.

SECRET Jieun: Going Crazy

Chi Chi: Don't Play Around - Obviously lip syncing!!!

IU: Good Day - You can say she's fit physically.

Who's the one that can really sing?

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