Saturday, April 16, 2011

My new toy: iPod touch 8 GB

I've never expected it, I won an iPod touch 4th generation by a lucky draw during CMG Idol!

I knew I've missed out a lot on Apple iOS apps because I don't have an iPhone, especially many developers choose to write apps for iPhone over other platforms (Symbian, BlackBerry, Android). But not anymore! With my new toy I'm able to enjoy Instagram and Tweetdeck like most people do.

ipod touch 4th generation screenshot biopolymath

With my new iPod touch, I don't use it as a music player, mostly. With the iPod touch, I'm introduced to tons of interesting apps like never before, I do not get to enjoy them on my N97. The apps adds so much more value to this supposedly music player in my palm, I got exposed to so much useful softwares like never before, functionality of iPod touch increased exponentially with each app loaded. It becomes some sort of mini computer that comes in handy whenever I need something. The only limit is disk space, practically I have 6 GB available; and your imagination on how the device can become useful to you.

Back then, phones with Internet access were considered luxury. I could still remember my prepaid credit got drained out simply by browsing a few web pages, when I first stepped onto Melbourne two years ago. Two months passed, I found out that mobile Internet just got 10 times cheaper. Practically, I find myself checking my Twitter and Facebook on my mobile, everyday.

Who will be able to predict what people need in time to come? The thing you label a luxury can become a necessity in the near future.

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