Thursday, June 30, 2011

Megatex 2011 at Sunway Pyramid

14 January 2011

I arrived at Sunway Pyramid early on the day that led up to the final of FHM Girl Next Door. That gave me extra time to spent visiting Megatex 2011 held at Sunway Pyramid Convention Centre.

Megatex is a consumer fair of furniture and consumer electronics.

I didn't know about an exhibition happening until I received a flyer at the Sunway Pyramid entrance.

Hisense is a brand from China. Anyone knows Hisense Arena, an indoor stadium in Melbourne?

hisense showgirl
Eye candy, I got. Want sexy, go PC fair.

blackberry booth
There I had an opportunity to try my hands on BlackBerry Torch 9800.

blackberry showgirl
I like the fact that BlackBerry showgirls weren't just for show/eye candy. They are actually knowledgable in the products.

There was a huge bear on display on a bed.

God of Wealth for prosperity. Encountering one brings good luck.

Khind showgirl
Showgirls were not common sight. I'd say good enough considering it's a furniture fair.

Besides that I got to try my hands on Samsung Galaxy Tab and a robotic vacuum cleaner too.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

P1 Wimax Potong Saga

Director: Ho Yuhang

A laugh-out-loud film about a Chinese boys misguided attempts at opening an Islamic bank account.

*English subtitles included

Super hilarious! I laughed so hard while watching it.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Yellow Fever

malaysiakini yellow fever


Source: Lim Kit Siang

2NE1 - I Am The Best

2ne1 i am the best cover

I am not used to listening hip-hops, but this party dance track is converting my opinion of them. Feels like hip-hop at its best.

I like the last part when four of them go trigger happy. Shoot shoot shoot the CDs 没有任何东西更过瘾.

Bom rattattatta ttattattattatta - I am simply the bestest!

Source+photos: Allkpop

If You are a Malaysian, this concerns your future

This video takes 10 minutes of your time. If you are a Malaysian, I strongly recommend you to watch it to know what's happening.

Having a university degree but we ended up worse off than Amahs 30 years ago, in terms of purchasing power. As mentioned in the clip, we will be labelled as poor not because of our lifestyle, our qualification, our social or how much we have done but our diminishing purchasing power.

Why social problems is so rampant in Malaysia? Take piracy as an example. Piracy is costing IT and entertainment industries so dearly for their hard work not getting returns. If you take a look at how genuine products are priced in Malaysia:
  • An album (full length or mini) cost at least RM 20-50
  • A movie DVD will cost around RM 20-40
  • A copy of Microsoft Windows 7 sells at RM 525 at launch

Considering that an average Malaysian household earns RM 2k-3k per month in the city, wouldn't the pirated option be more viable for them?
  • Pirated albums and movies sells at ~RM 5 per copy at the night market
  • Softwares can be bought at RM 5 per copy
  • If you don't mind paying for Internet and wait, music/movies can be downloaded for free

If I earn $2k per month, I don't really mind paying for at most $2 per song or $16 per album.

Why piracy is so rampant in Malaysia is not because we purposely want to pirate your copy of software or music. We earn so much less compared to our Western friends so the incentive of pirating stuff is much higher compared to buying genuine products. By the time those syndicates were taken actoin against, fining them is nothing because they've made enough profits to pay for the fine.

Most of the pirated stuff are in homes. Nobody openly admits it but looking at how much Malaysian earns, you know the answer in your heart. If you do a mind experiment now, by probability you can find pirated CDs in almost any Malaysian home.

In Aussieland, the moment your ISP found out you're torrenting large amount of media content, you get a warning letter already. They took action quicker. So don't play play.

You block websites like Piratebay to curb illegal content download and the next thing you get is hacking of government websites. Out of all targets, only Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission was prepared for attack. The rest were not spared - not even the Police's. I don't support the use of hacking but it served the government of Malaysia right because they didn't get our economy in shape.

So I appreciate if you have taken your time and watched the clip above. With nine years more to Wawasan 2020, how are we going to achieve high-income, advanced nation status by then, at the current state of affairs.

This is what Bersih2.0 is all about. We are not able to put up with such a regime anymore. Even if I don't enjoy the fruit of development right now, I can't afford to watch my children suffer.

If you don't care about Malaysian politics, I urge you to care about your future earnings and your children in Malaysia for the very least. If things doesn't work, change it. There is nothing wrong with opting for the alternative.

T-ara Yayaya mini English cover

Original Korean lyrics actually make no sense but I love the cute girls!

Subscribe to this channel to see more of Kpop English cover: ashilia4life

Monday, June 27, 2011

Song Ji Eun - you can do it!

First things first: I only have partial understanding of Hangul. At the present time, I can distinguish each syllable in spoken Korean but I don't know what they mean. Thanks to Kpop blogs written in English, I can enjoy Kpop at a higher level without language barriers. Music transcends language, you just need to have an eye for it.

Lately, I have been watching Immortal Song 2 to listen to Korean hits since I was born and to learn more about vocal abilities of Korean singers of my generation apart from their originals. I find myself watching Korean TV shows more than Australian shows now, although I can never understand Korean fully without subtitles.

How do I watch Immortal Songs 2 separated into cuts on Youtube? I watch Ji Eun's performance first.

After that, I watched the result announcement to check my favourite singer's placing. Lastly, I watch the rest of the singers for comparison and to find out why my favourite singer was placed first or last.

Turned out that Ji Eun wasn't great when compared to 5 other idol singers. What a tinge of disappointment but let's accept the result.

Ji Eun immortal song ep 4

Although SECRET’s Song Ji Eun showed a completely different side this week, she placed last again – causing her to burst out into tears.

On the June 25th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song 2‘, the mission was for the idol singers to sing a ‘1992 Top 10 KPOP hit song’. On this day, Ji Eun reinterpreted Lee Hyun Woo’s “Dream“, overcoming the limits of her feminine voice to show a tougher side, displaying a complete transformation.

However, although Ji Eun was confident on stage, she received a poor grade. Crying, she shared her feelings towards her group stating, “I feel like I’m damaging SECRET” – showing her disappointment in the results. She added that, however, she learned a lot while participating on the program and that she felt that many people were cheering for her.

In addition, Ji Eun chose Min Hye Kyung’s “My Life is Mine” as the song to perform for the following week, turning her focus on performing well for the next competition.

Ji Eun, disappointed with her result, added that she may have damaged her group SECRET. Being the main vocalist of her group, it's not hard to see why.

Speaking about Ji Eun's performance, I can say that she has not chosen the wrong song. Oh, Ji Eun, this isn't your limit. Seemed that you have hold back much of your ability inside. You can do more, and I want to see more of you. I know fans of SECRET are still cheering for you.

Let's hope for the best this coming week, and see whether Ji Eun is able to break this "spell".

Source+photos: AllKpop

Sunday, June 26, 2011

LiveProfile + Jieun at KBS Immortal Song 2

Biorefresher 1: LiveProfile on iPod touch

LiveProfile on iPhone and iPod touch

Thanks to , I've started using this chat app for iOS. It's chatting time, anyone?

Biorefresher 2: DNA on Molecules app

deoxyribonucleic acid

It's the famous double helix in Molecules app. Download the app in iTunes to see beautiful molecules and protein structures.

Biorefresher 3: Jieun on KBS Immortal Song 2 episode 4

Compared to the other 5 contestants, she felt bad for damaging her group SECRET after consistently ranking last in each episode of the show. My say is...

While waiting + Cacao Green teaser

The State Library of Victoria in Melbourne opens at 10 am everyday. A handful of people were queuing at the entrance for the door to be opened. I asked someone beside me: "Does this happens everyday?" Pretty much yes. While waiting in the sunny and chilly morning,

Melbourne Central outside State Library of Victoria
It's Melbourne Central in her characteristic woody finishing.

At the northern end of Melbourne CBD, it's 3 landmarks side by side: State Library, Melbourne Central Shopping Centre and QV Square. That's why I love the city.


Was joining Nuffnang Australia bloggers for a foodie meet up. That was happening at an organic yoghurt shop at Swanston Street. What's in store?


Organic + Fair trade = Environmentally friendly marriage =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

University scholarship after Pre-U and secured university offers


I support that scholarship for university studies be given after a person has completed pre-university studies (A-level/STPM/SAM/CPU/IB diploma) AND secured offers from prestigious universities. Students having a university offer in place have proven your worth to pursue studies in a course of your choice and the risk becomes lower. When I applied for a university place with an actual result, the process becomes much faster.

If the government choose to award scholarship for pre-university studies, award it for pre-university studies only. Wait till the students have completed their course and review their performance. Not only scholarships awarded for students to pursue a course of their choice but also the institution of their choice.

Article via Tony Pua:

We understand from the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak’s statement on the radio on Thursday morning that JPA university scholarships will only be awarded at pre-university level after securing admission into top universities, instead of at the current SPM level as one of the means to resolve the perennial scholarship conundrum.

This move is fully in line with the proposal the DAP Socialist Youth led by the MP for Rasah, Anthony Loke has made via a memorandum to the Minister in-charge of scholarships way back in 2009.

The NutGraph had in 2 June 2009 reported that “a proposal to limit overseas Public Service Department (PSD) scholarships to students who have completed Form Six or pre-university equivalents has been well-received by at least one Barisan Nasional (BN) minister.

The Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz had then said the idea merited further thought as it appeared to be a viable solution in reducing the number of applicants for overseas placements. “I strongly support this. It is a good idea and I will look into this.”

However, even way back in 2006, the then Higher Education Minister, Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed had already announced that the Government will only continue to award overseas scholarships to students who are able to gain entry into “ivy league” class universities.

The question then is, will the Public Service Department (PSD) comply and execute the Prime Minister’s directive that overseas scholarships only be awarded to students who are able to gain entry into these top universities after pre-university levels instead of SPM?

Since the PSD has been unable to implement such reforms over the past 4 to 5 years, why would next year be any different?

Instead of waiting for another year before the entire scholarship circus repeats itself again, the Government should immediately announce the details of the new scholarship policy so that the Malaysian public and particularly, the potential scholarship holders know what is in store for them.

We call upon the Government to award automatic pre-university scholarships to all top SPM students with 8A+ and above to pursue the pre-university course of their choice, such as such as ‘A’-levels, STPM or International Baccalaureate (IB) programmes.

Subsequently, the Government should announce a full list of top universities and colleges whose courses will be accepted for overseas universities scholarship consideration, whether it’s Economics in Cambridge or Engineering at MIT or medicine in Melbourne.

It is only with full and complete transparency will the Government be able to redeem the credibility and prestige of the PSD scholarship programme. Otherwise, it will just be another case of only rhetoric with little or no action, leading to the same fiasco next year.

Cutting fluid filler

These are seen at DMG-Mori Seiki Technology Centre opening at Shah Alam.

Heat is generated at the contact point when a metal is cut using computer numerical control (CNC) machine. When this heat is not dissipated properly it can damage both the material and the machine tool. To meet the need for cooling and lubrication, cutting fluid is used.

cutting fluid machining

They are also known as machining coolants. Depending on application, types of coolants available are: water-based, mineral oils, synthetic coolant, semi-synthetic coolant, motor oils, kerosene and WD-40/3-in-one-oil.

machining coolant

Reminds me a lot of chemistry :)

Cutting fluid Wikipedia entry
[Tutorial] Cutting Fluid in Machining

Friday, June 24, 2011

Gel photo filler

EcoR1 digest gel photo

A gel photo taken when I experimented with DNA. Generated by mixing enzymes that act like "picky molecular scissors" (restriction enzymes) and DNA, then run through agarose gel with a luminous substance.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Head over to

to watch the most sickening thing you can ever do with your flesh.

Who the hell will wanna do that?

Yarra Trams skating rhino ad

Melbourne-bound prospective students must watch this!

Was told about trams in Melbourne before I left for Melbourne for study. Beware of trams around the city, they're massive beasts that moves as fast as a car and very hard to stop. There were reports of people hit by trams before.

A tram driver once told me, there are emergency brakes on trams just in case, but activating them come at the cost of sacrificing the brake - it's metal brushing against metal, not forgetting the high-pitched creaking sound emitted is not good for your ear.

A tram is not like a car or bus that can stop immediately. A tram weighs as much as 30 rhinos skating on a track. What makes a tram so hard to stop when it's moving? Massive objects have a physical property called inertia, dictated by Newton's First Law of Motion. Newton's First Law says that an object will tend to keep it's speed and direction of motion and resist the effect of force applied to them - still objects prefer to be still, moving objects prefer to keep on moving.

Such safety warning is an example of physics in action in everyday life.

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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Death of William Kong, father of suicide teenager Alviss Kong

It was roughly 7 months after the death of suicidal young adult Alviss Kong 江世丰, the father has now passed away after a long battle with depression and heart disease.

David Kong, brother of the deceased William Kong, said that he found it difficult to come to terms of losing a 22-year-old son. Furthermore, after William Kong started Alviss Kong Life Care Centre and a 15-minute clip on the incident, people accused him of making money out of his son's death.

What's more, William didn't get to register his Life Care Centre as a non-profit organisation. To fast track, he registered it as a private company. David said further that William knew his days were numbered - one of the reasons he wanted to do it fast.

The clip above, titled The Moment of Truth cost RM 20,000 to produce.

It is saddening that our society sees noble intentions otherwise. The Life Care Centre was set up with only one intention in mind: counselling people who are at the verge of suicide.

Back in my high school days, I remembered reading a masterpiece written during the era of Republic of China, titled "The Last Five Minutes 最后的五分钟". The article was about the state of mind in the last minutes of taking one's life, how the power of a thought can make a difference between life and death. The last moments were so critical - you can make a difference by being an ear that listens. You may just save a life.

Your life is precious. The world is not like computer games where you can try again after your character has died. One death in the real world is game over. Death is not the end, instead it's the beginning of eternity.

But the game is not over as long as your life is still with you. No matter what comes our way, there are always solutions to anything and everything. Draw from the strength that faith gives you, death is NEVER the way out of life's problems.

William Kong passed away 11.38AM on the 20th of June, 2011, after long bout with depression and heart disease. Death of his 22-year old son, Alviss Kong and the prejudice that the society put on him has adversely affected him emotionally.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Instagram favourites + posts coming up!

Since winning an iPod touch 8GB at a singing contest by lucky draw, I've been enjoying like iPhone users do! With any iOS devices, you cannot miss Instagram.

What's inconvenient about iPod touch is that it only comes with Wi-fi connection. I do not have the privilege of sending a photo instantly. The camera on iPod touch actually has less resolution compared with iPhone4 but that does not stop me from making full use of my mp3 player.

Some of my favourite shots are:

Federation Square Melbourne
Federation Square at the south of Melbourne CBD

Ferris wheel at the bank of Yarra River - took this while walking to Planetshakers conference

melbourne arts centre
Spire of Arts Centre, Melbourne

news app iphone
Some news app I've downloaded into my iPod touch
As die hard science fans, you can't miss Nature and Science!

I've just done with exams for the first semester of my third year. Just found out that I have a few events yet to be written up! So, expect these to be coming up next in the pipeline:

Megatex 2011 at Sunway Pyramid - 14 January 2011
CMG Idol singing competition final at Hollywood Karaoke Bar - 2 April 2011
Discovery Needs Dollars rally at State Library of Victoria lawn - 12 April 2011

Stay tuned at!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

'Second Connie Talbot' Kim Tae Hyun discovered on Korea's Got Talent

On June 18th, 10 year old Kim Tae Hyun captivated the audience by being Korea's very own little Connie Talbot on Korea's Got Talent.

Kim Tae Hyun Korea's Got Talent

Her cover of "Tomorrow" from "Annie" movie OST earned thunderous applause and standing oviation from the live audience. The judges said: "You did so well. You made me so happy." Another judge remarked that Tae Hyun is going to be working with Kollen Park (one of the harshest critic around) soon.

Viewers commented, “It’s like an adorable angel has descended upon us”, “I got goose bumps the minute she began singing”, and “Our country, too, has a child prodigy as well now.”

Full cut:

Connie Talbot on Britain's Got Talent (for comparison):

source: AllKpop

Datuk Ng Yen Yen on RM 1.8 million spent for six Facebook pages: justified?

The financial scandal revolving around Ministry of Tourism, Malaysia has generated huge uproar among Malaysian citizens. It's also becoming an international joke.

Datuk Seri Ng Yen Yen was caught in the defensive trying to explain the spending of 1.8 million Malaysian Ringgit for social media campaign to promote Malaysian tourism.

A whooping 1.8 million dollars spent for six Facebook pages?! Are you kidding me? Remember Facebook pages are free to create! With such a sum, we can buy a mass spectrometer to be placed in a research institute to find the next cure for a disease. It can be used to help the poor and needy.

Opposition politicians joked about her as "Menteri suka melancong" (The Minister who likes to tour) instead of doing her job as "Menteri Pelancongan" (Minister of Tourism).

I don't care if anyone has spent 1.8 million bucks on anything. What makes this 1.8 million bucks to not become a joke is each buck is made up of taxpayer's hard earned money. We have toiled hard, not enjoying the living standard we deserve for the effort we contributed and coping with rising living costs. We have paid our taxes. After knowing that money has been wasted in the hands of the government on trivial matters, of course we are not pleased.

Netizens expressed their discontent by "Liking" the Facebook page of Curi-curi Wang Malaysia.

Curi curi wang malaysia

The Facebook page is named after a play on the slogan "Cuti-cuti Malaysia" (Vacation in Malaysia) to "Curi-curi Wang Malaysia" (Stealing money from Malaysia). To date, the page has garnered 118,392 "likes".

We don't make our wealth for you to spend like a queen! Even Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom has to cut down on Her Royal Highness' expenses. The citizens are not there to "sponsor" your overseas trips.


Read Was It Worth 1.8 Million? on for the social media experts' perspective on the issue. Had our tourism minister explained the breakdown of the 1.8 million bill for social media campaign, things would have been different.

But... she still needs to answer questions on her trips!

Related links:
Curi-curi Wang Malaysia Facebook page
Facebook fiasco earns Yen Yen Cabinet colleagues’ ire
‘Social media scandal’ rocks Malaysia tourism ministry

Friday, June 17, 2011

Kpop mashup for first half of 2011 by DJ Masa

I was looking for videos of SM Town live in Paris and who knew, I stumbled upon this cool mashup of Kpop songs! It has been ages since I've watched another viral mashup of United States of Pop featuring English pops.

The mashup is so flawless as if they're composed into one song. Kudos for a good job! It's done by DJ Masa, a Brazillian known for his skill of mixing and mashing Korean songs. What makes me interested about him: his specialty is on Asian songs!

40 tracks featured in the mashup:

A Pink - I Don't Know
Block B - Freeze
Dong Bang Shin Ki - 왜 (Keep Your Head Down)
Girl's Day - Twinkle Twinkle
Kahi - Come Back Bad Person
Kim Hyung Jun - Girl
Park Jung Min - Not Alone
4minute - Mirror Mirror
Rainbow - To Me
Seungri - What Can I Do
Secret - Shy Boy
Song Ji Eun - Going Crazy feat. Bang Yong Guk
After School - Shampoo
B1A4 - OK
Big Bang - Love Song
Big Bang - Tonight
Brave Girls - Do You Know
CHI CHI - Don't Play Around
Clover - La Vida Loca
CNBLUE - Intuition
Dal Shabet - Pink Rocket
f(x) - Danger (피노키오) - Black & White
Jay Park - Abandoned
MBLAQ - Stay
Orange Caramel - Bangkok City
Rania - Dr. Feel Good
SISTAR19 - My Boy
Super Junior M - 태완미 (Perfection)
Teen Top - Supa Luv
U-KISS - 0330
X-5 - 쇼하지마 (Don't Put On An Act)
ZE:A - Here I Am

Related links:
DJ Masa's Youtube channel - check out his other work here


f(x) Hot Summer!

Lyric revolve around story of girls finding romance in the hot days of summer. Indeed it is!

Fans pointed out that it's a Korean remake of a song with the same title by German pop girl group Monrose.

What's interesting, when I scrolled down at the video page of Monrose's Hot Summer, I saw these comments:

hot summer monrose comment sm entertainment f(x)

Looks like we have a spill out! So f(x) is making the German pop group famous now -_-"
This is not the first time. Remember Run Devil Run sung by SNSD? The demo version of the song was leaked and caused a huge stir among music fans.

I prefer the Korean version for cute and cool!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nobody parody - No Money Like You

I got no money no money like YOUUU!

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Myn Hyo Rin: marry me?

Myn Hyo Rin J style wedding

Korean actress Myn Hyo Rin was asked to model wedding dress for Jenny House.

She was asked to exude different charms: innocent, cute, sexy, coy.

I have not seen a movie she starred but I came to know her in an MV of Going Crazy. Would try watching one to gauge her acting.

Do you feel like taking her as your bride?

Monday, June 13, 2011

Taiwanese "Girl of Original Voice" A-FÜ 邓福如 debuts

She uploaded covers of songs on Youtube and got famous for her great voice. Probably one of the best MR removed singers.

A-fu Taiwan

Cover of You're Beautiful (James Blunt):

Jason Mraz and Colbie Callilat "Lucky" cover:

After 8 months of uploading covers, she debuted as a professional singer at age 24.

Debut message:

The title track of her debut album 原来如此 (I See):

如果有如果 (If there is If):

I think that she is comparable to IU @ Lee Ji Eun of Korea!

IU can skate!

After School - Shampoo

"Shampoo" is the title track of their album, Virgin. Songs in the album are themed on confidence and purity.

I got introduced to After School on New Year Day 2011 watching them performing in Taiwan. They're great on stage too.

If Girls' Generation is USA, After School is like Russia.

I don't trust Malaysian public universities

Standing in the heart of Parkville research precinct, I can't help but exclaimed. Before I began my university life, I've been longing to head over to Canberra, being the first Malaysian (dispute me!) to receive an offer to try out something no one else has tried before. Instead, I was brought to Melbourne, knowing that no one else has gone to science under the university full scholarship for international students. I am blessed to have such a provision, bonus attached is really, an honoured addition.

Melbourne is centre-stage to Australian life science. I am glad to have passionate people to share with me their findings and guide me to my dreams. Every moment, they are impacting lives. Major discoveries, as soon as they're made, they're excited to tell the world, look at what we've found, it's a big leap in our knowledge.

taylors lakeside shoot

Nerds? Don't underestimate them. You may not be able to relate to them well because they talk in a language alien to you all the time. Who knows, a thought that came to their mind may save your life or make your life easier one day, I'm telling you now.

To touch lives, you must first reach that level. At what level? How good you gonna be? Just like singers producing great songs as required by the entertainment industry, that's how good you gonna be. Singers are not signed with talent agencies by accident. Most of you are so used to listening music tracks of established singers, but to fully understand how things are not easy, watch reality shows, I ask you. Don't only watch to good participants, but watch the bad ones too. Then, you'll come to know what true talent is all about.

I attended my brother's prize giving ceremony in primary school. My mom reminded that, although my brother obtained a trophy for his academic achievement, don't forget that there are students who didn't get a prize but in fact rank higher, in absolute terms.

taylors lakeside academic blocks

IU @ Lee Ji Eun has been rejected over 20 times in auditions but she's now the singing sensation in Kpop. Does that surprise me? Embarrassing misses are everywhere. Scientists know Nature is a great journal, the editors had a few misses too. To name a few, these discoveries includes: meson, beta radioactive decay, photosynthesis. Who has the foresight of somebody turning out to be successful, or a result turned out to be an important discovery?

Back to the title, I have so much to say about public universities in Malaysia. I distrust the public universities.

I have attended a public university in Australia but not in Malaysia, so it's not my position to say anything about the teaching. What I can do is to look at my Malaysian universities like a prospective research student would do. With specialised knowledge I've learned from my interests, I am confident to judge the standard by looking at the academic's research interests. By looking at the project titles, I asked myself: do they make impactful contribution to knowledge?

What really put me off was: Publications of research are made in journals I wouldn't even bother to read. Journals with titles starting with African Journal of XXXXX. I would be proud to read Asian journals, but Malaysian publications are a rare find. Judging from number of publications, India is overtaking us in the Asian academia.

The root of the problem lies with the people itself. How are academics appointed? You know the answer. Not by knowledge contribution but political patronage.

I have more faith in Malaysian private universities.

Stephen Chow for 1Malaysia! - Nasi Lemak 2020

Reminds me of Valkyrie starred by Tom Cruise.

We know in our heart what Malaysia really is. Make a change!

When I'm asked, I'm not afraid to say what I don't trust in my own country, even in distant lands. Here's one thing you should know as a tourist in Malaysia:

In the heart of Kuala Lumpur, motorists are known to disregard the red light and speed. Even if it's green light, don't trust the light. Be mindful for your life.

Friday, June 10, 2011

AB aims to be the Korean Lady Gaga

AB Jung YuRi

A new solo artist has just debuted, and she aims to be the Korean answer to Lady Gaga.

Named "AB", this singer is making headlines for provocative debut MV containing nudity and sexually suggestive dance moves - leading to the ban on major Korean broadcasting networks: KBS, SBS, MBC.

Her agency commented that she garnered much interest from producers of Eminem and Black Eye Peas. She can easily handle five high notes (I've heard IU's three high in "Good Day"). Although they've chosen to incorporate provocative concepts, please focus on her vocal talent instead!

To get introduced to this rookie, watch her MV, Slip. Before you click, I mind you: NSFW!

What a nosebleeding introduction! Who's reaching for a tissue now?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Secret - Starlight Moonlight

Secret's "Shy Boy" has garnered huge success for their retro style and cute singing. This time, the South Korean girl group rewards our appreciation with another single "Starlight Moonlight".

Zinger is not longer restricted to rapping - we got to know she can sing well. Hyosung gave her cuteness overdose with facial expression and voice (though I think she's going a little too much!).

Check out the MV for the song. Be prepared to be blown away!

Tihs song is soothing and not overly cutesy, overall. The feeling of in love is simply, amazing!