Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Death of William Kong, father of suicide teenager Alviss Kong

It was roughly 7 months after the death of suicidal young adult Alviss Kong 江世丰, the father has now passed away after a long battle with depression and heart disease.

David Kong, brother of the deceased William Kong, said that he found it difficult to come to terms of losing a 22-year-old son. Furthermore, after William Kong started Alviss Kong Life Care Centre and a 15-minute clip on the incident, people accused him of making money out of his son's death.

What's more, William didn't get to register his Life Care Centre as a non-profit organisation. To fast track, he registered it as a private company. David said further that William knew his days were numbered - one of the reasons he wanted to do it fast.

The clip above, titled The Moment of Truth cost RM 20,000 to produce.

It is saddening that our society sees noble intentions otherwise. The Life Care Centre was set up with only one intention in mind: counselling people who are at the verge of suicide.

Back in my high school days, I remembered reading a masterpiece written during the era of Republic of China, titled "The Last Five Minutes 最后的五分钟". The article was about the state of mind in the last minutes of taking one's life, how the power of a thought can make a difference between life and death. The last moments were so critical - you can make a difference by being an ear that listens. You may just save a life.

Your life is precious. The world is not like computer games where you can try again after your character has died. One death in the real world is game over. Death is not the end, instead it's the beginning of eternity.

But the game is not over as long as your life is still with you. No matter what comes our way, there are always solutions to anything and everything. Draw from the strength that faith gives you, death is NEVER the way out of life's problems.

William Kong passed away 11.38AM on the 20th of June, 2011, after long bout with depression and heart disease. Death of his 22-year old son, Alviss Kong and the prejudice that the society put on him has adversely affected him emotionally.


  1. Yes, I do feel sad over the death of Alviss's father after all that he has done because of his son's suicide and don't all of the people out there realise one thing? That there is indeed a reason for his death. A leason for all of us to learn.
    1. Before his death, why would he posts on his facebook wall? Do you think he is sane enough to do that? The photo of him is so depressed and as I have been depressed before, I think he just needed a shoulder and an ear to listen and to comfort him. And its not actually a countdown. But since he receive none, at his state of depressed mind, he just did what at the moment of thought, he think was the right thing.
    2. I don't think he was only depressed because of his gf's leaving. It could only be part of the reason. Unluckily, his gf is the scrapegoat. He could be long depressed about being unloved and as a child of divorce parents, I beleive he was searching for LOVE.
    3. His dad realised this, and because of his son's death, he started a care centre in the hope of helping others so they would not follow his son's footsteps but was judged unreasonably.
    4. In actual fact, the Kong family has indeed helped people through their life story and not otherwise.
    So therefore, it serves as a lesson to all. So when someone we know say anything about countdown to their death or goodbyes, please be alert because depressed people are not sane at that moment and need our care and concern more and not some smirk comment.

  2. You have your point. Many of us got caught up with his suicide but neglected about his family background.

    Alviss was known by many but I guess he didn't have close friends. Perhaps that's why.