Monday, June 27, 2011

Song Ji Eun - you can do it!

First things first: I only have partial understanding of Hangul. At the present time, I can distinguish each syllable in spoken Korean but I don't know what they mean. Thanks to Kpop blogs written in English, I can enjoy Kpop at a higher level without language barriers. Music transcends language, you just need to have an eye for it.

Lately, I have been watching Immortal Song 2 to listen to Korean hits since I was born and to learn more about vocal abilities of Korean singers of my generation apart from their originals. I find myself watching Korean TV shows more than Australian shows now, although I can never understand Korean fully without subtitles.

How do I watch Immortal Songs 2 separated into cuts on Youtube? I watch Ji Eun's performance first.

After that, I watched the result announcement to check my favourite singer's placing. Lastly, I watch the rest of the singers for comparison and to find out why my favourite singer was placed first or last.

Turned out that Ji Eun wasn't great when compared to 5 other idol singers. What a tinge of disappointment but let's accept the result.

Ji Eun immortal song ep 4

Although SECRET’s Song Ji Eun showed a completely different side this week, she placed last again – causing her to burst out into tears.

On the June 25th episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Immortal Song 2‘, the mission was for the idol singers to sing a ‘1992 Top 10 KPOP hit song’. On this day, Ji Eun reinterpreted Lee Hyun Woo’s “Dream“, overcoming the limits of her feminine voice to show a tougher side, displaying a complete transformation.

However, although Ji Eun was confident on stage, she received a poor grade. Crying, she shared her feelings towards her group stating, “I feel like I’m damaging SECRET” – showing her disappointment in the results. She added that, however, she learned a lot while participating on the program and that she felt that many people were cheering for her.

In addition, Ji Eun chose Min Hye Kyung’s “My Life is Mine” as the song to perform for the following week, turning her focus on performing well for the next competition.

Ji Eun, disappointed with her result, added that she may have damaged her group SECRET. Being the main vocalist of her group, it's not hard to see why.

Speaking about Ji Eun's performance, I can say that she has not chosen the wrong song. Oh, Ji Eun, this isn't your limit. Seemed that you have hold back much of your ability inside. You can do more, and I want to see more of you. I know fans of SECRET are still cheering for you.

Let's hope for the best this coming week, and see whether Ji Eun is able to break this "spell".

Source+photos: AllKpop

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