Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yarra Trams skating rhino ad

Melbourne-bound prospective students must watch this!

Was told about trams in Melbourne before I left for Melbourne for study. Beware of trams around the city, they're massive beasts that moves as fast as a car and very hard to stop. There were reports of people hit by trams before.

A tram driver once told me, there are emergency brakes on trams just in case, but activating them come at the cost of sacrificing the brake - it's metal brushing against metal, not forgetting the high-pitched creaking sound emitted is not good for your ear.

A tram is not like a car or bus that can stop immediately. A tram weighs as much as 30 rhinos skating on a track. What makes a tram so hard to stop when it's moving? Massive objects have a physical property called inertia, dictated by Newton's First Law of Motion. Newton's First Law says that an object will tend to keep it's speed and direction of motion and resist the effect of force applied to them - still objects prefer to be still, moving objects prefer to keep on moving.

Such safety warning is an example of physics in action in everyday life.

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