Monday, July 18, 2011

Machine components + Sunset + iPhotography

Biorefresher 1: Machine components made using CNC

machine components turbine mould

Computer numerical control (CNC) can be used to produce intricate parts inside a machine. You don't usually see them but they are important to make your life work! This technology is driving our lives everyday behind the scenes. Read more about my visit to the technology centre.

Biorefresher 2: Sunset shot prior to Energizer Night Strike

These props were prepared for the finale of the first night paintball tournament in Malaysia and South East Asia. They were painted specially to glow in the presence of ultraviolet light. Find out more about my experience watching the battle.

Biorefresher 3: iPad photography at Cacao Green food review

An iPad is a device with 101 uses! While enjoying the delicious frozen yoghurt, we don't forget to take shots of the food using any mean we have, including the celebrated iPad 2.

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