Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cheer 2011 champions and worthies

Finally, I've viewed performance videos of Cheer 2011!

I wasn't aware that the Cheer competition for this year was a one-day event. Psychology of the competition was changed - teams only had once chance to make it and they gave their best shot at their only chance.

A new introduction to the competition is the Co-ed category for boys' team. Historically, cheerleading was started by boys. Today, cheerleading for boys has another set of expectations compared with girls; this new category is added to accommodate this difference.

Here are the videos I've picked:

Champion: Cyrens of SM Sri KL

Having made a surprise by winning the competition in 2010, they were successful in defending their title. Awesome!

First runner-up: Rayvens of SM Sri KL

Being a newcomer, shooting their way to the 2nd place is more than what I ask for Best Newcomer Award, if it was awarded this year.

Second runner-up: Titans of SMJK Ave Maria Convent

Fourth place: Calyx All-Girls of Catholic High School

Fifth place: Muriel of Pudu Girls' School

I was expecting the use of Kpop songs last year and here it is! Check out Muriel's use of Mr. Taxi and Run Devil Run by Girls' Generation aka SNSD.

6th place: Stompers SMK Bandar Utama 3

I've also watched Blitzerz of SMK Bandar Utama 4

In my opinion, the absolute standard of cheerleading in Malaysia has raised and witnessed the emergence of "new generation powerhouses". It's noteworthy to observe that the best people are present in Rayvens, the junior team of Sri KL. The dynamics of Cheer is now altered again.

Let's check out the boys' performance tomorrow!

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