Monday, July 18, 2011

Discovery Needs Dollars rally at State Library lawn

12th of April, 2011

In light of federal budget cuts for medical research, scientists took to the streets to protest against it. The rally took place in front of the State Library of Victoria in Melbourne CBD.

discovery needs dollars

The rally was held during one of the weekdays. After finishing my class for the day, I trammed to the city to participate in the rally.

discovery needs dollars

What does budget cuts for medical research mean for student like me?

discovery needs dollars

A reduction in research budget translates into fewer researchers, scarcity of grants, and ultimately, reduction in the number of research students. In other words, less scientists will be able to offer places for Honours and PhD projects.

discovery needs dollars

Budget allocation in R&D is an investment into our future. New cures for disease come from the labs, not from your doctor's desk.

The sight of scientists protesting in their lab coats sends a strong signal to any that saw it.

Scientists are working behind the scenes to learn more about diseases and find treatments that could control progress of diseases, or even cure our suffering and pain.

Discoveries happen in the labs but they do not come cheap. To make them happen, highly qualified individuals are needed. Not forgetting that equipment and consumables in a medical research lab are expensive.

doug hilton
That's Professor Doug Hilton, Director of the famous .

My lecturers were there too.

hot chics from the lab
I met some geeky hot chics from the labs.

lab mouse mascot
Looks like this mouse is unhappy over the budget cuts too.

Scientific research is an investment for a better life in the future. Discoveries need to be funded to make them useful. Whenever a budget is announced, I urge you to take note of the allocation for research & development (R&D). If you find anything detrimental in the budget, take action against it. You have the democratic right to do so.

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