Friday, July 22, 2011

Girl's Day "Hug Me Once" interactive music video

Girl's Day "Hug Me Once" features simple lyric with catchy tunes. I'm so addicted to it!

girls day hug me once

girls day bridal concept

Taking advantage of Youtube, an interactive music video was released. You get to try your hands on while viewing the video, choosing between song, dance and game modes.

The game mode takes you to dating scenes with each member of Girl's Day, all but they ended a little too soon. How will your experience end with each member? You need to click yourself to find out!

Each member sports their unique charms. Between Yura, Hyeri, Minah, Jihae and Sojin, which member do you like the most?

p.s. This interactive music video sort of reminded me of something... Aha! It's the Ronnie Got Lucky directed by Liew Seng Tat, which made you install Internet Explorer 8 to watch one of the scene. The video also uses interactive control to mediate outcome of storyline. Too bad it no longer exists :(

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