Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Ibrahim Ali award?

I bumped into my university mate on the street. We began chatting on a few issues that concerned our common homeland.

She started mentioning about this Ibrahim Ali Leadership Award for students of Universiti Teknologi MARA in Malaysia. The main criterion for the award is doing something that benefits your own race.

Wait a minute... doing something for one's own race? The award criterion is narrow-minded in this age. I shared that coming up with award criteria that outline benefit to one's own country is dropping in their degree of relevance, furthermore the influence of states is slowly diminishing. Globalisation is pushing for a borderless world, as people of the 21st century we have to adapt to working in varying geographical locations. Nation states will need to respond to changing needs and come up with policies relevant to the world today.

It's no longer about states. Corporations are slowly taking over the influence. Look at the multinationl companies - they are the modern empire now.

What award I think are the most relevant? Those that list benefit to humanity as a whole, without regard to race, nation and economic background.

And what do I think this Ibrahim Ali of Perkasa? He's just another guy who you can choose to ignore :)

Additional link:
UiTM offers Ibrahim Ali award to students

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