Thursday, July 21, 2011

Peter Mac Discovery Partners program

Just came back from the launch of Discovery Partners at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre in East Melbourne.

During the launch, Professor Joe Trepani, Executive Director of Cancer Research division at Peter Mac, mentioned that cancer survival rate has improved, thanks to active and ongoing research. This demonstrates how knowledge is changing and improving quality of life.

I have been contributing financially to research at the cancer research institute regularly for the past year. In return, Peter Mac recognise me as a Discovery Partner. As a Discovery Partner, I get to learn more about how my contribution translate into better outcomes in cancer treatment and making a difference in people.

Knowledge is power - scientists at Peter Mac are actively learning about cancer to find better ways of treating the disease. By contributing to research, you empower yourself and the future generations :)

Shall blog more about research at Peter Mac. Meanwhile, you can make a donation by following this link.

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