Saturday, July 16, 2011

Queen Elizabeth II in yellow - not a coincidence!

Remember Najib's visit to Europe after #Bersih2 rally?

The following photo drew a huge response on the Internet:

najib queen elizabeth yellow

Many focused on the Queen's yellow dress when greeting Najib. An observant netizen took notice of the flowers in yellow. It's claimed that the Queen dress and decorate in pink as to greet foreign officials. But in yellow this time.

News sources have reported that the British Prime Minister, David Cameron and the Queen were briefed prior to receiving Najib. They were aware of the situation in Malaysia. Perhaps, this is their way of expressing disapproval to an embarrassing guest.

Someone with awesome photoshop skills come up with this:

Editing of photo has special terms now. Photoshop is used as an everyday verb, while usage of "doctor" emphasizes political objective(s) behind the photo editing.

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