Monday, August 29, 2011

G.NA - Top Girl

News of G.NA's comeback generated much anticipation from fans in July. top girl

I was so captivated by her hit "Black and White". Her strong and dynamic vocal talent as a solo artist is really commendable. She was set to debut in a five-member girl group as the group leader but the plan was withdrawn due to financial problems of the agency.

Due to 3D filming of her MV, her comeback was delayed. I felt it was worth it for the additional viewing pleasure!

So here you are, her comeback song "Top Girl":

G.NA comes as a confident and mature girl enjoying the upper stratosphere of society.

If you enjoy watching it, wait for Banana MV which is from the same album! What's interesting about Banana is the banning of the MV from MBC broadcasting network. Never mind, that only drives more anticipation from fans!

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