Thursday, August 11, 2011

Playing my role well

At this critical period of my university studies, I am feeling the pressure to perform to live up to my name of a scholarship holder. Recapping my last semester, I'm glad to know that I've done well in one subject; on the other hand I'm not satisfied with the practical subject. The biochemistry practical subject (named Advanced Techniques in Molecular Science) is one of the toughest experience I have ever gone through.

Despite the huge amount of effort put into this demanding subject, the end did not justify everything. In fact, many were not. Frustration burns in my mind, but this is not an experience I'd like to repeat.

Time and time again during my study life, I have been hurt in due process, in some way or another, leaving a scar. Still, I do not call everything quit.

protein ribbon diagram pdb 3gj9

In my third year of university, I'm taking opportunities to handle social media and supporting meaningful causes.

Blogging has given me some opportunities. Now, I'm Chief Information Officer for Malaysian Aspiration Program. My background isn't in IT, but I draw my expertise from handling my own blog, from learning about nuts and bolts that makes up Blogger. There, I used this opportunity to learn about handling Wordpress.

GFP green fluorescent protein variants micrfuge tube

Besides, I'm managing the Facebook page for ASEAN Student Games and also serve as the secretary in the marketing department. I'm performing secretarial duties for the first time, it proved to be challenging but I just simply love the experience of it.

In both cases, I have to play my role well and mustn't allow anything to hinder it.

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