Friday, September 23, 2011

Cacao Green with Nuffnang Australia bloggers

Months ago, had a chance to visit Cacao Green for a food review with Nuffnang Australia peeps.

That was my second time visiting Cacao. Previously, I had it with my church friends.

Violet LeBeaux

Cacao Green is owned by a Korean. The shop specialises in organic fat-free frozen yoghurt. These yoghurts are made in situ with materials imported from Italy.

Japanese matcha
These green yoghurt contains green tea, a premium grade tea with its characteristic taste known to tea enthusiasts.

Toppings can be added on top of yoghurt for variety.

chocolate waffle
Another dish to try at Cacao Green is their waffle. You mustn't miss these rich tasting chocolate waffles. It's overpowering.

blueberry waffle almond topping
Blueberry waffle with almond and walnut to top it off.

green tea latte
Green tea latte - Concentrated, strong, creamy and rich taste of green tea.

Hot chocolate, 60% Cacao. Bittersweet with hints of walnut and fruity flavours. Made from cacao imported from Brazil.

cacao green 75%
I took my experience to the next level by trying out 75% Cacao. The concentrated taste will simply take over the whole of you.

Violet, take 2.

Group shot before we left.

Alvina, marketing manager of Cacao Green.

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