Wednesday, September 28, 2011

"Korean Justin Bieber" Park Seong Min debuts!

park seong min

Just fresh from the oven! I watched his debut MV and instant caught on the fire of the song.

Labeled as Korea’s Justin Bieber, rookie singer Park Seong Min has released the MV along with his debut single album, “Beautiful Girl”.

With a pure boy image and originally hailing from Canada, he is known for his charms and ability to win over the hearts of many teenage girls.

“Beautiful Girl” is a bright and cheerful track with a trendy melody and medium tempo, composed by Shin Young Jae. The music video is directed by Han Chul Soo and features actor Ham Jae Hee (as a rapper), as well as actress Oh Ga Eun as his love interest.

Beautiful Girl music video:

"Echo" is another song in his debut album:

Do you think he deserves to be called the Korean counterpart of Justin Bieber? Or even better?

I think he should cover Justin Bieber's "Baby" to be called one!

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