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Namewee FxxK Utusan Malaysia!

The maker of the video has taken it down but there are more reuploads.

"Namewee Fxxk Utusan" 影片只有不到24小時的壽命, 就被移除了. 希望大家不要追問我原因, 相信大家心裡明白就好了... 在"Nasi Lemak2.0" 這部電影裡面, 我所要提倡的全民團結, 國家認同的概念, 顯然被很多人忽略了...讓我感到很遺憾. 懇請大家到戲院去看了電影在對我下評斷. 也希望大家不要被馬來西亞某些無良的媒體影響... 馬來西亞在我心中依然是全世界最好最美麗的國家!!! 加油啦! 明天不知道又會發生什麼事情了.... 爸爸媽媽對不起...
Source: Namewee 黄明志

Call us a banana democracy. The one who authored the media report in Utusan Malaysia is not a journalist at all, for she has violated the ethics of journalism. She is really a propagandist who works with a newspaper for the ruling party that owns it.

Utusan Malaysia (formerly Utusan Melayu) used to be a respected Malay daily in the age of pre-independence Malaya. Today, Utusan is a newspaper, shunned by well-educated Malaysians but still consumes paper to print, not monthly or weekly, but daily. What is the point of publishing a daily not respected and wastes unnecessary resources (material, manpower, time) to produce? At least have a consideration on the environment.

There is even more to say about this paper.


Utusan Malaysia's credibility as a newspaper has come under fire from many circles for its blatant practice of double standards in its reporting, especially with regard to politically-related news.[1][2] Statements by Chief Ministers in Opposition-held states have been taken out of context, manipulated, or otherwise downright fabricated.[3]

Of late, Utusan has also stoked racist sentiments with provocative headlines championing the New Economic Policy and Ketuanan Melayu.[4][5][6]

In view of Utusan's extreme racist rhetoric, the former Opposition-led Perak state government staged a boycott against the newspaper, with other Opposition states following suit. A motion was also set by the Selangor state government to boycott Utusan while all Selangor state agencies and departments were told to refrain from buying the newspaper and to stop advertising in the newspaper, in a move to protest a short story titled "Politik Baru YB J" by columnist Datuk Chamil Wariya that appeared in the paper and depicted an assassination of a fictional character that portrayed Teresa Kok.[7] In addition, Teresa Kok has demanded RM100 million in compensation from Utusan Malaysia Chamil and the publication for defamation, demanding an immediate public retraction by Utusan and an apology to be published in newspapers of her choice, plus an undertaking that Chamil and Utusan will not repeat the allegations and comments contained in the article.[8] DAP has also filed a report against Utusan Malaysia, claiming Chamil was attempting to stir up public sentiments to carry out political assassination against Kok. [9]

Utusan has also been criticised for publishing very little international news; the Foreign News section typically consists of only two to three pages out of 50 pages in total.

In January 2011, the newspaper suspended a journalist, Hata Wahari, president of the National Union of Journalists, after alleging that Hata had brought the newspaper into disrepute and "insulted" its management.[10]
Source: Wikipedia article on Utusan Malaysia

Namewee was right about all who works in Utusan - all employees, from top to bottom, should go back to school. For all of them are liable to the sin of spreading lies and mislead the public.

Raja Petra Kamarudin of Malaysia Today has a good piece about Utusan as well.

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