Monday, September 26, 2011

So, what does the state religious departments do?

From The Four Letter Word called SEX by Raja Petra Kamarudin:

The state religious authorities conduct raids to catch people indulging in illicit sex. Do the state religious authorities conduct raids to catch people involved in racism, persecution, discrimination, corruption, abuse of power, abuse of public funds, spending tens of millions of the taxpayers’ money for your wife’s shopping sprees, cruelty to animals, etc? Of course not! They do not care about all that. They only care about those people indulging in illicit sex.

So the state religious authority can actually be called ‘The Department of Anti-Illicit Sex’. It is not actually a religious department. It is an anti-illicit sex department. Millions of Ringgit of your taxpayers’ money is spent to employ thousands of officers whose job is to make sure that you only bonk your wife, and from the front, and no one else other than that and not from any other position other than the front.

Well said. Can I add another?

Our religious departments have the notoriety of snatching bodies during funerals. Apparently, this is also their job.

In what way does body snatching happen?

Suppose one of your family member has passed away and you're conducting the funeral according to your religious faith other than Islam. Halfway during the ritual, a few religious officers approach your home and say your deceased has converted to Islam a few days ago and yadda yadda yadda. The next thing that happens is an argument between you and the religious officers. In no time your case will make it to major newspapers in the country.

Haven't they have better job to do other than body snatching and sex policing? While not engaging in illicit sex (fornication/adultery) is important, aren't there more important matters to take care of? After a person has breathed his/her last, who else has better say on the funeral other than his/her immediate family?

The next question to ask, who will inherit the property of the deceased? Real Islamic law says that heirs have the right to inherit. The State only takes over one's property should there be no relative left behind (read: NO RELATIVE LEFT BEHIND, not "no Muslim relative left behind"!).

Before Wikipedia, we were treated as fools. Now, no more.

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