Monday, October 3, 2011

English translation of Oh Khang Jee's Hobi Saya

This Malay essay has gone viral. I'm translating this piece into English with annotation so as not to reserve this to Malay speakers. Truth be told, I would like to share its information content with you.

By far the most perverted piece from a primary school student.

oh khang jee hobi saya

Oh Khang Jee
Question: My Hobby

I am thankful to God for putting two eyes on my face. There starts my hobby. My hobby is to use my eyes to stare at people.

One day, I was staring at a girl. But, the girl was overpowering me and stared at me. From that day onwards, whenever I see her, 010 (he meant, his penis) erects by 120 degrees. I was so embarassed, so I pressed on (my penis) more and more. I enjoyed it!

So, my hobby is to press and press (on my erected penis). But, my grandmother disliked my hobby. My grandmother always beat my hand when I pressed.. This caused pain in my (ahem!). Feels like it was going to be broken!

so, I changed back to my old hobby. That's all!

Seek counselling after this!!!

Epic right? :P


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