Friday, October 21, 2011

Epic fail - "Taiwanese Girls' Generation" Super 7

[UPDATE] Super 7 drew flak for accusing SNSD as "plastic"

After the epic failure of K-pop group wanna be HEART2HEART for heavy plagiarism, we have another Taiwanese girl group doomed to the same destiny.

Super 7 麥囉唆 music video still youtube

On October 15, Super 7 revealed the music video for their dance pop track in native Taiwanese language "Mai Luo Suo 麥囉唆. The music video featured identical concept as worn by Girls' Generation aka SNSD in Hoot.

SNSD girls generation hoot

The music video attracted angry responses from fans of Girls' Generation with tons of dislikes and comments like "this is just plain terrible. beyond funny, what a disgrace.", "Taiwan SNSD ? What the shiat ?!", "what the heck is it FUCK YOU SUPER 7" and "Epic fail to imitate SNSD. Please la. Don't bring down SNSD image. SNSD are definitely not bitchy. Still say what SNSD of Taiwan. Make me want to puke only."

Apart from the costume controversy, the ten-member group has also been criticised for boring song, sub par vocal ability and mediocre dance move.

taiwanese snsd 台湾版少女时代

What I dislike is that they are promoting themselves as "Taiwanese SNSD". SNSD is more than a name for the nine-member South Korean girl group, it's a brand now. They are known for their strong vocals and versatility in the entertainment industry. Each member has their role to play in the group, be it lead vocalist, main vocalist, main dancer, lead dancer or rapper.

I didn't hear the vocal talent of Super 7. There is no distinction of roles to showcase each member's strength. I do not understand what they're trying to communicate in their song other than flaunting their assets.

Apart from the epic failure of their title track, I strongly dislike the poor camera composition and boring choreography. The cameraman has failed to provide us an engaging experience with the singers when I watched the MV; if you watch the dance moves carefully individual members are stuck to their position in most parts of their MV.

Do watch the music video for yourself. SNSD Hoot MV attached for comparison.

What copycats!

p.s. It's said that some Super 7 members were Taiwanese group "Hey Girl" members. Oh shame on you!


  1. Even one of the SNSD members can defend the whole Super 7!!! They think if they copy SNSD they will be famous..Super 7 is digging their own grave..I will always support SNSD..SNSD fighting!!! Snsd dancing moves and singing is powerful and way better than Super 7 lousy dancing moves and singing...SNSD FIGHTING!!!!!!!We will always support you...

  2. i don't like super 7 at all.. they seriously look like sluts and stripers to me.. they can't sing and dance. you will NEVER i REPEAT NEVER be as AWESOME AND POPULAR LIKE SNSD.
    SNSD you have over a million fans worldwide and don't let super 7 bring your courage down! me and many other fans will always support you no matter what!! SNSD fighting! :)

  3. SNSD is amazing. Super 7, ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN YOU! Even if I'm a SONE, 2NE1, Miss A, F(x), ANYTHING, not JUST South Korea, but, ANYTHING, (I guess including Rebecca Bla- WAIT, WHY AM I EVEN SAYING THAT? nvm -.-) But, anyways, ANYTHING IS BETTER THAN SUPER 7!!!!

  4. Fuck you Super7, SNSD of dont deserve that title,how dare you ruin snsd's reputation!

  5. -.- snsd doesn't even need to do anything , they won super 7 hands down..

  6. i just wonder what will happen if SNSD and Super 7 meet ...

    1. OH MY! You're right. But I think SNSD is much more mature than those stuck-up people who bad mouth people on screen.