Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I have "Korean twitter" me2day!

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At the beginning of this month, me2day has introduced English* interface. Thanks to the likes of allkpop, huge number of English-speaking users are signing up for me2day account for the past one week!

*also Chinese Traditional, Chinese Simplified and Japanese

me2day is known as the Korean equivalent of Twitter. It was first available in Korean and catered Korean users for their microblogging needs. Now, huge wave of foreign language speakers (English, Chinese & Japanese) are colonising me2day thanks to marketing campaign.

Instead of following users unilaterally, you send a friend request to the user you want to follow. After the friend request is approved, you can view each other's updates and send each other private messages. If you choose not to "friend", the unilateral "follow" is still available, but you don't get to interact on a more intimate level.

In the world of me2day, you are actually friends with your celebrity of interest instead of only "following" him/her. How cool is that!

As usual, I followed my favourite celebrity. Take UEE of After School as my celebrity of interest..

after school UEE me2day
I recognise UEE by face but I don't understand a single word of her update! What should I do?

Fret not, follow me2stars to get updates translated into English! I'll still follow my celebrity to show my love, even though I can't understand what they say.

Which celebrities are on me2day? IU, T-ara, miss A, Big Bang and many more. Oh yeah, don't forget to follow too.

Despite encouragement to sign up for me2day, there remain language barriers to be crossed. Most English me2day accounts belong to Kpop fans; they may not understand what their stars are saying; we are forming our own group and randomly adding each other. It has never been this fun before!

What are you waiting for?

sign up for me2day

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