Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Jess Lee Kar Wei special guest at One Million Star 超级星光大道

Jess Lee from Malaysia guested at this year's Chinese singing reality show One Million Star with her latest single "Suffering 煎熬. She is the defending champion of the last season of the reality show.

The show host, Matilda Tao, remarked that nobody can sing her song at karaoke unless they scream aimlessly when drunk, to which Jess Lee retorted, "It's ok."

Matilda asked Jess, "In order to reach those high notes, do you need to warm up?" Jess answered that she practised and warmed up backstage prior to her performance. Matilda asked how did Jess warm up.

"I stretched my tongue, and [my face] will look ugly (showing an ugly face) as if my tongue will get pulled out. It felt like my throat is opening."

Matilda commended Jess for her wide vocal range and opened the floor for the performance of Jess' first single "Suffering".

Her voice is so powerful live. I don't need to perform an MR removal to prove to you she is the best!

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