Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Limelight @ Miss Libertine

16th of August 2011

A short note: By the time I wrote this, Ellie is no longer in a relationship with Leon. But let's see things as they happened, shall we?

Thanks to Ellie Chee, I watched her performed live with Leon Marcus Zachary at Miss Libertine.

The duo called themselves "Leonells".

Ellie has strong vocal talent. Other than praise, I'm just full of praise!

leon marcus zachary ang
I was quite blown off by Leon as well.

My favourite song was Lucky. Lucky I'm in love with my best friend/ Lucky to have been where I have been/ Lucky to be coming home again/ Then I remembered Leon serenaded Ellie with a Marry Me. Romantic!

We have a friend visiting from afar...

Chammaine Tan
She's Chammaine Tan!

Follow her on Twitter.

Wanna know more about Leon's music? Like him on Facebook and watch his covers on Youtube channel.

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