Monday, October 31, 2011

Melbourne Freeze Frame Project 2011

18th of June, 2011 at Bourke Street Mall, Melbourne CBD

That was a flash mob in cold winter. Was not well to pose, so I decided to take photos of the flashmob instead on my newly won iPod touch 4th generation.

Melbourne Freeze Frame Project is organised annually by Stephanie Lilithia Chin.

Ang moh girl is wearing oriental outfit! You like or not?

Some dudes took off his shirt. But they just kept moving here and there, hard to take photos of them haha.


Ouch! I got punched in the face!

Enjoying my game on a PSP while I freeze!

You looked like a cool Johnny Bravo!

Oh my gosh I got pinned down!

Watch a video of the event:

credit: Jodie Lee Becker

Be sure to join the group STEFASAURUS PRODUCTIONS ★ on Facebook to get notified on upcoming flashmobs around Melbourne. See you next year!

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