Sunday, October 23, 2011

MoA's K-pop and J-pop English covers are now back!

melody of angel moA

A couple of months ago, I was upset to find out about the deletion of gimmesomemoa's Youtube channel. Along with the deletion some best English covers of popular K-pop songs were gone.

Thanks to her loyal fans who kept her vocals in their possession, part of her covers are now reuploaded!


Listen to her covers!

Jumping (KARA cover):

Going Crazy (Song Ji Eun cover):

What's the reason behind her account deletion? The main reason was her 2NE1 Lonely Cover Contest controversy. Sources can be found here and here.

Check out more covers of her through these Youtube channels:


I agree with the opinion that MoA won't be uploading K-pop and J-pop covers again to entertain us. Meanwhile, check out some other worthy song cover channels like ashilia4life!


  1. She did a kick-ass version of Lonely. Also this is a wake up call to Korean pop acts. They should start learning english :-P

  2. Her rendition of Utada Hikaru's "Beautiful World" is amazing if you can find it.

  3. OMG !! She's N O T Moa . Fake !!!