Saturday, October 22, 2011

Orange Caramel 橙子焦糖 attracts attention for culturally mismatched stage outfit

A week ago, After School subunit Orange Caramel 橙子焦糖 attracted attention for being the three cutest female Bruce Lee. With the same title "Shanghai Romance 上海之恋", their stage outfit caught netizens' eye, this time with a culturally mixed up outfit.

orange caramel culturally mixed up stage outfit cheongsam qipao KBS music bank

During their performance at KBS Music Bank on October 21, 2011, they were seen wearing headgear reminiscent of Chinese drama My Fair Princess 还珠格格 and qipao aka cheongsam.

Knowledgable netizens immediately pointed out that the headgear is characteristic of Ching Dynasty 清朝 and qipao (cheongsam) belongs to the era of Republic of China 中华民国. Other comments from netizens include cute and ridiculous at the same time and the stylist really went out of the box for the outfit.

Historically, Manchus ruled China in Ching Dynasty from the 1640s to the early 1900s. Dr Sun Yat Sen launched a revolution and replaced Ching Dynasty with Republic of China in 1911.


On the same day, Girls' Generation 少女时代 made their comeback with "The Boys" and SECRET with "Love is Move".

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