Sunday, October 2, 2011

A revelation from Negarakuku

In the early part of his rap he talked about durian being fragrant or foul smelling, depending on the "nose trills" you have. He was speaking in metaphor - an issue, depending on your point of view, may delight you or offend you. He was preparing your hearts to receive what's in his rap as you play it further.

Years later, I watched the controversial rap music video again. After these years, conditions in Malaysia have not improved. A monster will always be at its ugliest before its fall - you get what I mean?

In the late part of his rap, he talked about Visit Malaysia 2007 and promotion of cultures belonging to Chinese (and other races). Immediately, he continued asking [Chinese] not to blame the government for all discrimination on them, in the literal sense.

So this is a revelation that come to me:

You are proud to promote the exotic cultures of various racial groups, showcasing to foreigners about how diverse your country is; but you pay little attention to the plight of those racial groups! You are more interested in doing outside jobs to look good but you have neglected about the more important inside jobs.

A loyal word can be against our ear, but it is for one's own good. Who understands that?

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