Monday, October 3, 2011

Suffering 煎熬 - 李佳薇 Jess Lee

Quoting Joshuaongys, this is the most disgusting music video with quite a number of explicit sexual scenes, featuring a girl living in her messed up life but back on track in the end.

Jess Lee suffering cover

When this song was aired on radio, listeners complained about high pitch of Jess' voice. She was too good! It's said that Jess Lee used 15 high notes in Suffering. For comparison, I've heard IU's three high in Good Day.

I've not only watched the video, but read the comments as well. These are good:

Quite an provocative MV. Definitely not your typical MV-friendly material. This video is RAW. Lots of raw images, raw emotions and raw connections. All I can say is whether this video is appreciated or not by music gurus, Jess has made an impact in her new music career. Good for her.
MV的意境別只看表面, 在噁心的蟲中穿插激情,是為了襯托出當時熱戀的激情是多麼得噁心­­,他"分手"後,受到了多少的煎熬,如此痛苦難熬,連自己是不­是­活著都不知道,吃著腐爛的食物,也許是表達空虛的愛,久了只­會腐­爛吧,過著行屍走肉的日子,也覺得麻木了,什麼都不想管,­後來突­然清醒,脫胎換骨,讓觀眾體會到活著真好,沒必要對這種­無聊的東­西讓自己受到傷害,也不是用自殺的爛方法來解決,那沉­重的"煎熬­"貪婪的映像深深刻在我的心裡。看到這麼多人沒深入­了解這MV的­意境,顯然這種MV根本不適合在台灣放映,一看就­只注意男女激情­和蟲子,不斷批評,臺灣素質又低了嗎? 文學造詣跑哪去了,只看表面,真夠膚淺。【噁心什麼人看什麼東西­永遠都只有噁心兩個字,因為他的大腦只有充滿噁心的東西,而不知­道該怎麼轉向思考】。
那些所谓恶心的画面大概是想体现女主角的心已经死了。活在这种恶­劣的环境肯定是很煎熬的,女主角却若无其事,表示她的内心已经煎­熬到一种境界,外在的一切都算不得什么了。热恋时的激情让她将自­己无条件交给对方,失恋后过着地狱般的生活脑中还不断重播那些画­面,那该有多煎熬。 !高音的部分就如悲伤至极的怒吼。这是个人的解读啦~很棒的歌,­很棒的mv! 

The disgusting scenes are meant to show the wrecked state of the girl living in her self imposed suffering. To take it further, the director meant an allusion of the peak of romance - the girl gave everything she had to her man, to the point of being disgusting. After her man has left her, she was living in hell. Expired food signifies expiry and emptiness of her love. The scene of a pest insect got stepped on meant the worthless and purposeless life she was leading.

Many of the scenes in the MV are raw and unedited. Many were not able to take it for the disgusting and explicit scenes. All has been carried to extremes in this MV to carry the message across, but that makes me appreciate this piece more!

We have been served with sugar coated materials, why not take a look at the reality of life? I must praise the director for portraying this facet of life!

To view the 10 minute full length MV, click here.

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