Friday, November 4, 2011

Cammi Tse's response to her scandal with Edison Chen on her Sina Weibo

Recently, a scandal of 16 year old model Cammi Tse 謝芷蕙 with Hong Kong actor Edison Chen 陈冠希 surfaced. To know what happened, Feeqsays provided a good coverage as a blogger. Otherwise you can read the coverage by Channel News Asia.

In response to that matter I feel it's necessary to let all of you know her thoughts, hence the translation of Cammi's Sina Weibo updates that follows.

[UPDATE]: The scandal now made it to the the cover story of weekly gossip magazine, Sudden Weekly issue #849. You can read a translated version of the article here. The article stated that Cammi gave her virginity.

Did Cammi gave her virginity? I would rather stay in the dark. Regardless of whether sex was involved in the scandal, damage has already been done.

Cammi Tse's Sina Weibo translation (in chronological order)

[111101 09:42] ??不要亂寫好不好!到底什麼事?都不是事實

Translation: ?? Don't simply write can! What happened? It's not the truth

[111101 17:51] 事件曝光後,我真的很害怕.. 事情來得很突然, 現在我還未可以接受這是事實, 我只可以說我是跟他拍過拖, 現在我與陳冠希已分手了, 已沒有其他回應, 謝謝大家的關心

Translation: After the scandal has surfaced, I was so afraid.. it happened to me suddenly, until now I've yet to recover from the shock, what I can say is that I've dated him (referring to Edison Chen), I've now broken up with him, I have nothing more to say on that matter, thanks for everyone's concern

[111103 15:33] 連日來的報導及追訪, 己令我身心疲累,真的已不想多說了 很感謝家人對我的支持. 各界傳媒朋友都辛苦了, 謝謝大家關心

Translation: Those media reports and interviews a few days in a row has made me tired, I fervently refuse to comment further on the matter. I am grateful to my family for their support, I am sorry to trouble all my friends who are working in the media. Thanks for everybody's concern

[111103 18:25] 今天看到了一本雜誌的封面標題令我崩潰了 ............ 我想澄清沒有回應這些事情, 也不是事實!! 請放過我吧! 謝謝!

Translation: The cover of a magazine today has taken a toll on me emotionally...... I wanted to clarify that I did not respond to those matters, and they are not true!! Please leave me alone! Thanks!


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