Friday, November 25, 2011

How much does it cost to train an SNSD member?

CEO of SM Entertainment Kim Young Min shared that each Girls' Generation member costs approximately 3 million USD to discover and train. You can read further on the report by allkpop and soompi.


The other day, Taiwanese new girl group Super 7 became the talk of the town for attempting to imitate the style of SNSD. Super 7 is not the first group to do it, that's a fact.

If you think further about it, you can convince yourself that imitation is the best flattery. There is no question about the ability of SNSD as entertainers. Besides, artists from SM Entertainment like Super Junior, f(x), TVXQ, TRAX, BoA to name a few, are top notch artists.

Anyone can imitate successful examples, but what's lacking in the imitates?

The sheer amount of money invested onto an SNSD member showed us the willingness of SM Entertainment to see success on their artists. But, talent is not the only aspect of an artist's training. Personality and other aspects of personal development are also part of the training.

The result? SM Entertainment produces high quality artists. The quality is so tangible and real. There is no element of faking on the artists. It becomes kinda a second nature.

If Super 7 wants to imitate, let them be. But SM Entertainment can say, "Hey, don't you forget that we've spent so much money to create real quality."


  1. i wonder how long do they need to earn back the 3 mil USD ><


  2. It's 3 mil USD per member. So the whole SNSD costs 27 mil USD! You've asked a good question. I don' know but you can think about exponential revenue model. Not only they earn from selling tracks and concert tickets but from variety shows and ads as well.