Saturday, November 12, 2011

Taiwanese girl group Super 7 draws flak for callous remarks on SNSD

Some time ago, new Taiwanese girl group Super 7 drew heavy criticism for imitating Korean #1 girl group Girls' Generation.

Super 7

When I checked this morning, they're making news again for accusing SNSD as "plastic idols".

In an interview with Taiwanese weekly Times Weekly 时报周刊, the group criticised Korean Girls' Generation for being "lacklusture" and "artificial beauties".

One Super 7 member remarked that a member of SNSD can sing well, another can dance well and another have good sense of humour but the rest have no special appeals. Another Super 7 member remarked: "SNSD members are artificial beauties who has undergone plastic surgery, but we are natural beauties. Each of us has C cup chest size, long legs and nice body proportions."

My response:
Not all SNSD members have gone under the knife. People like Taeyeon and Seohyun are natural beauties. I know YoonA can't sing well compared to the rest of the members but she has a successful acting career. There are four powerful vocalists in SNSD: Taeyeon, Seohyun, Sunny and Jessica. Hyoyeon, YoonA, Sooyoung and Yuri can dance well. Tiffany is the rapper.

The remark of "artificial beauties" angered me. The word is only used by arrogant people. You flaunting of assets in your MV makes you look cheap. Girls' Generation doesn't sell out their bodies to achieve fame but receive love for their talent.

Their changed their attitude later during the interview by stating that they looked up to Girls' Generation as their *unique* role model.

My response:
It's against all logic that you hold negative opinions on your role model. The girls have said it to save their face albeit pathetically. I see jealousy here.

3 weeks earlier, Super 7 drew controversy for performing Girls' Generation's "Hoot" during an important Taiwanese music award show, Golden Bell Awards 金钟奖.

As reported on Soompi, netizens questioned the motive behind covering someone's track at an important stage. The move drew criticisms from many, including Taiwanese.

Members of Super 7 were selected from an audition of 100 people. There are a total of ten members in Super 7, three of them serving as "reserved" members during unforseen circumstances. All members trained for one year prior to debut. The group has an average age of 22; the youngest member is currently 16.

My response:
By criticising Girls' Generation members as having no special appeals, they're downright insulting my favourite SNSD for training long years (3 - 7 years) and their agency spending huge sum (average 3 million USD per person) to become competent entertainers. The cover of Hoot during an important music award, IMO, is a cheap stunt to obtain popularity. Not forgetting that it disgraced a prestigious music award show and insulted Taiwan where many original music are produced.

It has been reported that Korean variety show Star King attempted to invite Super 7 as guests. The plan however, did not materialise.

Super 7's remark on SNSD has drew massive flak not only from SONEs but from the rest of K-pop fandom, even disapproval from citizens in their homeland. Their singing career will be heavily jeopardised, I don't know if SM Entertainment will choose to take action for concept plagiarism or copyright infringement for their "Hoot" cover.

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  1. snsd and super 7 both look plastic to me.

    "Girls' Generation doesn't sell out their bodies to achieve fame"

    girls generation doesnt sell out their breast to achieve fame, they do sell rest of their body. still a group focused on looks like many other kpop girl groups.

  2. heck the super 7 thing but tiffany can SING really welllllll so shes not just a RAPPPERRRR.

  3. if u don't know anything don't say anything retard

  4. @Anonymous #2: I miss the point about Tiffany but I agree with you that Tiffany can sing.

    @Anonymous #3: Point out the specific facts I'm wrong about if you think that I don't know anything.

  5. "It has been reported that Korean variety show Star King attempted to invite Super 7 as guests"

    Omg thats just a fake rumor only right?? Gosh it will be such an embarrassment to watch if star king really invite super 7 along!

    Why must this super 7 exist... They can't sing, can't dance, and have such arrogant sucky attitudes! And their looks aren't impressionable as well

  6. I agree! Tiffany has also a powerful voice.